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Alvin, Simon And Theodore Are Back In The Third Season Of ALVINNN And The Chipmunks While We Take You Back To The First Season Of Harvey Beaks Before Michelle Entered Into His Life And A Sixth Season Of My Little In September 2017 On NickToons Africa

New Episodes (301-305)
Airs Monday to Friday at 14:20 CAT, starting on Monday 18 September.
Enjoy the new episodes marathons on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September at 8:05 CAT and 16:00 CAT respectively. Alvin, Simon, and Theodore are brothers chipmunks and international rock stars! And, when they’re not busy driving Dave crazy (who looks after them and writes songs for them), they’re living great adventures in day-to-day stations at school or at the top of a stage! New episodes land on Nicktoons on Monday 18 September; where your furry friends will enter a karate competition, argue over who’s Dave’s favourite or be challenged by the Chipettes to go 3 hours without their favourite things! Don’t miss these and more adventures Monday to Friday at 14:20 CAT on Nicktoons! And on the weekend Enjoy the new episodes marathons on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September at 8:05 CAT and 16:00 CAT respectively. 

New Episodes (101-113)
Airs Monday to Friday at 15:35 CAT, starting on Monday 4 September. Enjoy the new episodes marathons on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 September at 8:05 CAT and 16:00 CAT respectively.
Harvey Beaks is the story of the unlikely friendship between a kid who’s never broken the rules and his two friends who’ve never lived by any. While Harvey follow rules, Fee and Foo follow their heart; and together, they’ll make Harvey take more risks outside his comfort zone, but he certainly will have more FUN! Follow the new adventures of this little bird and his crazy friends Monday to Friday at 15:35 CAT, staring on Monday 4 September; and don’t forget about the new episodes marathons on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 September at 8:05 CAT and 16:00 CAT respectively on Nicktoons!

New Episodes (601-603)
Airs Monday to Friday at 13:55 CAT, starting on Monday 4 September. Enjoy the new episodes marathons on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September at 8:05 CAT and 16:00 CAT respectively.
Is that the sound of hooves approaching? Yes, it is! because our beloved Pony gang is back on Nicktoons with new stories, lessons and adventures! Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy all get together once again to visit the Crystal Empire, in order attend the Crystalling, a magical ceremony honoring the birth of Princess Cadance and Shining Armor’s foal. However, this little powerful creature’s cries will shatter the glass that protect the kingdom; and is up to the ponies to restore it and protect the empire from a menacing snowstorm! Do you want to discover how this quest turns out? Then stay tuned Monday to Friday at 13:55 CAT from Monday 4 September on Nicktoons!

September 2017 Is The Month Of Lindsay Lohan And Kings Of Comedy On Studio Universal Africa

10 Weekends, 40 Movies, and Every Action Star on Studio!

23rd September at 19:50
Samuel L. Jackson stars in this cult action thriller film as Neville Flynn, an FBI agent tasked with escorting the witness to a murder from Hawaii to Los Angeles, in order to testify against a mob boss. However, the crime lord has other ideas, arranging for a crate full of venomous snakes to be placed on-board to ensure that the witness, and everybody else, doesn’t make it to L.A. This scenario leaves us with just one question: Will Neville Flynn have enough of these snakes on this particular plane?

10th September at 18:00
Former hitman and sniper sensation Waxman is sent on a mission by a secret ‘agency’ to assassinate a target from an abandoned skyscraper. What he doesn’t realise is that he will be teaming up with his old partner Clegg, with whom he botched his last assignment. Things start to seem a little fishy, and Waxman and Clegg realise they’ve been set-up by the very agency that had hired them. Before they know it, all hell breaks loose and it’s an all-out war where it’s kill or be killed! Action film starring Dolph Lundgren and Gina Bellman.

2nd September at 19:35
Jack Conrad is a convict in a corrupt Salvadoran prison on death row. However, his execution method is a little different than normal. Conrad is ‘purchased’ along with nine other prisoners around the world by a wealthy television producer, where they are ordered to fight to the death and informed that the last man standing will earn their freedom. Starring genuine ruffians “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Vinnie Jones, this action-thriller is as explosive and brutal as you’d imagine.

10th September at 19:35
Clint Eastwood is Frank Horrigan, a Secret Service Agent who was guarding President Kennedy on the day of his assassination. Wracked with guilt over his failure, Horrigan is contacted by a mystery man by the name of ‘Booth’ who tells him that he plans to kill the President. Horrigan realises an opportunity of redemption and returns to the Presidential Protective Detail, determined to thwart the mysterious assassin. Action-thriller also featuring John Malkovich and Rene Russo.

A Snapshot of Lindsay Lohan’s Career in Movies

7th September at 18:00
Because one dose of her just wasn’t enough, Lindsay Lohan stars in her film debut as both Annie James and Hallie Parker, identical twins separated at birth that are reunited at summer camp. Each raised by one of their biological parents in separate states, the girls hatch a plan to switch places at the end of camp with the intention of eventually bringing their parents back together. What could possibly go wrong? Family comedy featuring Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson as the separated parents.

14th September at 18:00
Mary Elizabeth ‘Lola’ Steppe is a self-absorbed teenage girl who desperately dreams of becoming a famous Broadway actress. But her world is turned upside-down when her parents cash in the upbeat life in New York City for a quiet town in New Jersey. Lola soon realises that not everything revolves around her, and finds herself competing for the attention of others. Teen comedy starring Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox.

28th September at 18:00
When Thea Clayhill is in danger of being fired as secretary for a publisher, she decides to lie that she is pregnant in order to save her job. The lie soon begins to spiral out of control, and Thea is forced to continue faking her pregnancy after she is offered a promotion to a new parenting division by new editor and office hunk Nick Steinwald. Despite all the cause for celebration, one problem continues to weigh on Thea’s shoulders: she isn’t pregnant! Romantic

21st September at 18:00
Everyone’s favourite Volkswagen Beetle is back and ready to hit the track for an all-new adventure! Young Maggie Peyton dreams of one day becoming a successful NASCAR driver, and doesn’t think much of it when Number 53 is bought from a junkyard as her graduation present. However, when she defeats NASCAR champion Trip Murphy in an impromptu race, suddenly her dream begins to look like more of a reality! Sports comedy starring Lindsay Lohan, Michael Keaton and Matt Dillon.

Comedies featuring the Kings of Slapstick

29th September at 20:00
Sonny Koufac is one of life’s lazy slackers. Despite having a law degree, he refuses to take the bar exam, instead choosing to work one day a week at a tollbooth and live off of a legal settlement he received. When his girlfriend breaks up with him due to his immature behaviour, he finds the opportunity to prove himself in the form of a five-year-old child, Julian. Whether he uses that opportunity to grow up, or continue his childish habits, is another matter… Comedy starring Adam Sandler and Jon Stewart.

8th September at 20:00
Deuce Bigalow is your classic aquarium-cleaning chump; low on confidence and unsuccessful with women. However, things take a drastic turn when he’s hired to housesit for a gigolo, and accidentally sets his kitchen on fire, along with breaking his expensive fish tank. Fearing the gigolo will kill him, it’s clear what Deuce must do: become a gigolo himself… right? Shockingly, Deuce finds that he’s a hit with the women, but his happiness doesn’t last long when a shady Detective starts poking around. Comedy starring Rob Schneider.

1st September at 20:00
After their old junior high basketball coach passes away, five friends and former teammates – all living extremely diverse lifestyles – decide to hold a reunion for the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Realising they have lost their way, the group return to their roots and the simple pleasures that made them so happy when they were kids, forcing their families to join them for the ride. Comedy starring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock.

15th September at 20:00
Kevin James is Paul Blart, a mild-mannered shopping mall security guard (who would’ve guessed it?). Things are relatively easy for Blart, until things take a drastic turn the night before Black Friday. A gang of organised thugs take over the mall, staging a bank heist and taking a number of customers hostage. Realising that his love interest Amy is still inside, Blart springs into action, prepared to take down the gang solo!

22nd September at 20:00
Jessica Spencer (Rachel McAdams) is an attractive and popular high school girl who frequently picks on other students. However, when she decides to wear an enchanted earring that she stole, Jessica finds herself in the body of criminal Clive Maxtone (Rob Schneider)! With a cheerleading competition and the school prom on the horizon, Jessica must desperately find a way to reverse the effect. Comedy directed by Tom Brady.

Nickelodeon Africa Has A Lot To Offer Such As New Bunsen Is A Beast And Everyone's Favourite Sponge From Bikini Bottom, ToonMarty, NRDD & Every Witch Way Plus Jojo Siwa's World Special And The New Series Talia In The Kitchen You Can Find All Your Viewing Pleasure Right Here On Nickelodeon In September 2017

New Episodes (111-117)
Airs Monday to Friday at 15:10 CAT, starting on Monday 4 September. Enjoy the brand new episodes marathon airing on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 September from 8:10 and 12:55 CAT respectively.
Bunsen is a Beast in an all-human school. And although that can be pretty scary at the beginning, nothing will bring Bunsen down! He has found a human BFF in Mikey, who helps him understand all things human; and having a ‘Beast Friend Forever’ in Bunsen, makes Mikey’s everyday life a complete adventure! Catch the new episodes of Bunsen is a Beast starting on Monday 4 September on Nickelodeon, and follow these friends in an awesome space adventure, Bunsen falling in love with a guinea pig or Amanda’s turning into a ferocious beast after eating one of Bunsen’s beast cookies. Don’t miss these new stories Monday to Friday at 15:10 CAT; and Enjoy the brand new episodes marathon airing on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 September from 8:10 and 12:55 CAT respectively.

New Episodes (211, 212, 214-219)
Airs Monday to Friday at 13:50 CAT, starting on Monday 18 September. Enjoy the brand new episodes marathon airing on Saturday 30 September and Sunday 1 October from 8:10 and 12:55 CAT respectively.
Are you ready kids?! I can’t hear you!! Guess who’s back on Nickelodeon this September?! That’s right!! SpongeBob SquearePants!! Your favourite underwater friend returns with new adventures that will keep you glued to the couch. Watch SpongeBob picking up the very same Neptune’s magic trident (and the chaos that ensues), shrinking himself, Patrick sleepwalking, Sandy saving Bikini Bottom when all the town turns into wild animals; the unfrozen of a prehistoric Sponge that only SpongeBob can communicate with and Plankton trying to steal the secret formula of the Krabby Patty once again. Follow all these new SpongeBob SquarePants’ adventures Monday to Friday at 13:50 CAT, starting on Monday 18 September. And on the weekend, Enjoy the brand new episodes marathon airing on Saturday 30 September and Sunday 1 October from 8:10 and 12:55 CAT respectively.

New Episodes (121-140)
Airs Monday to Friday at 14:45 CAT, starting on Monday 11 September. Enjoy the brand new episodes marathon airing on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September from 8:10 and 12:55 CAT respectively.
In the middle of Toonville, where all cartoons live, sits the Toonmart, where all cartoons hang out. That’s where Marty works; and where he believes his job is to stick his nose in everyone else’s business… There’s no business Marty likes better than somebody else’s business! With flip and spin, Marty makes a great big cartoony adventure of everything that comes across; and then makes an even bigger one cleaning up! New episodes of Toon Marty are coming your way on Monday 11 September at 14:45 CAT. So stay tuned Monday to Friday to catch all his new adventures; and enjoy the brand new episodes marathon airing on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September from 8:10 and 12:55 CAT respectively.

New Episodes (315-324)
Airs Monday to Friday at 19:25 CAT, starting on Monday 18 September. Enjoy the brand new episodes marathon airing on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September from 8:10 and 12:55 CAT respectively.
Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn are quadruplets with only two things in common: their birthday and parents. This dynamic foursome battle sibling rivalry at every turn, but in the end when they are together, nothing can stop them! Although they’re their own individuals, teaming up will usually make them scape lots of trouble they may get their feet into… Like getting a snake as a pet in case or getting her ears pierced without their parents’ consent. Or like when the Quads are left alone with this new gadget that runs their entire household and things get out of hand… Follow their new adventures Monday to Friday at 19:25 CAT, starting on Monday 18 September; and enjoy the brand new episodes marathon airing on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September from 8:10 and 12:55 CAT respectively on Nickelodeon!

Airs Sunday 17 September at 8:10 CAT.
JoJo Siwa is a break out star and social media sensation that is not leaving a stone unturned! In addition to her growing fan base on her YouTube channel, her successful music videos, or her singing and dancing skills; JoJo has something to add to her portfolio: a TV special brought to you by Nickelodeon! So make sure to catch JoJo Siwa: My world on Sunday 17 September at 8:10 CAT.

New Series (101-125)
Airs Monday to Friday at 21:05 CAT, starting on Monday 4 September. Enjoy the brand new episodes marathon airing on Saturday 9 September at 12:55 CAT.
When 14-year old Talia moves in with her grandmother and starts spending time in the kitchen of their family-owned restaurant, Lola’s, she discovers her true calling – cooking! And with the help of her special “salt and pepper sense” – and her late father’s magical spices, Talia can cook up just what each customer needs! Follow all her recipes Monday to Friday at 21:05 CAT, starting on Monday 4 September! And if you want to enjoy the menu in a row, enjoy the brand new episodes marathon airing on Saturday 9 September at 12:55 CAT on Nickelodeon!

New Episodes (401-420)
Airs Monday to Friday at 21:30 CAT, starting on Monday 11 September.
Nothing in Emma’s training and experience as the Chosen One thus far could have ever prepared her for the unexpected twists to come in season 4! In fact, choosing Jax as her true love should have been the start to Emma’s magical happily ever after. But what she didn’t know was that her decision to pick him over Daniel would trigger a Continuum Break that wipes the Daniel his friends know from existence! Will she be able to find him in time and help him remember his former life? Besides, Emma begins to test the limits of her powers and she’ll even put her friendship with Andi on the line because of it. Don’t miss the final season Monday to Friday at 21:30 CAT, starting on Monday 11 September.

Boomerang Africa Has Got A Special Treat For Their Viewers Including New Episodes Of The New Looney Tunes Show And Pat The Dog Plus A Scooby-Doo Special Coming In September 2017 On Boomerang Africa

A dog really is man’s best friend and Pat will do anything to keep his owner, Lola, happy!

Pat always has to keep an eye out for his clumsy owner Lola because when her back is turned all different types of shenanigans go down. When Lola is asked to look after a puppy, Pat has no idea the struggle that he has on his paws to prevent this puppy from wrecking the house. Will Pat succeed in defending his house from this little homewrecker? Viewers can also look forward to watching as Pat switches from pet to double up as a guard dog, when Lola’s mom’s new 3D printer goes missing! Can Pat save the day by retrieving the stolen printer before Lola’s parents return home? Tune-in to find out!

Premiere Date: 11/09/2017
Tune-In: Monday- Friday @ 16:40 CAT
Repeat: Monday - Friday  @07:35 CAT
Sat & Sun:  @ 06:25 & 13:40 CAT

Eh what’s up doc? Yes … if you have not already guessed it, that old rascally wabbit and the rest of his crooked crew are BACK! The Loony Tunes crew are back and they are even loonier than before! See the characters in a whole new light with misadventure and trouble at every corner. This crazy bunch promises to kick your head back as you laugh out loud! Watch bugs’ lakeside retreat be disturbed by an old “friend”, Yosemite Sam. What lengths will Bugs go to in order to fnd his peace? Viewers can also watch in anticipation when Bugs’ personal space comes under fre as a lumberjack tries to destroy his home! Can he save his home? Daffy duck is also put into a very awkward situation when he is mistaken for a lucky charm! How will Daffy get out of this one? Join us on Boomerang to find out!

Premiere Date: 18/09/2017
Tune-In: Monday- Friday @ 18:30 CAT
Repeat: Monday - Friday @09:05 CAT
Sat & Sun: @12:50 CAT

I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling kids and that senseless dog! Yes, that’s right – Scooby Doo is BACK. The gang, in their green mystery machine, embark on the ultimate hunt for the treasure of Gnarlybeard the pirate! Watch in anticipation as Scooby and the gang encounter a totally creepy lighthouse keeper and ghostly parrot. Cowardly Scooby and Shaggy will help out, but only on one condition - in exchange for the most delicious biscuit treats in town, Scooby snacks! Nothing like a little treat to get the confdence going! Watch as the gang hits their biggest barrier to solving the mystery at hand yet – the discovery of the most delicious, mouth-watering cheezy pizza! Can the gang fght their hunger urge in order to solve the crime!? Join us to find out!

Premiere Date: Sunday 24/09/2017
Tune in: @ 17:00 CAT

Friday, 28 July 2017

In September 2017, Cartoon Network Africa Celebrates The Launch Of The New Lego Movie With Nexo Knights And Spinjitzu Alongside O.K. K.O. Shorts And Brand New Powerpuff Girls

Lego Month... Lets go
Nexo Knights and Ninjago Nexo Knights Premiere:
This month is going to be an action-packed adventure with the exploits of both the fearsome Ninjago’s and the courageous Nexo Knights! To celebrate the launch of the Lego Ninjago movie, we here at Cartoon Network thought that it would be pretty cool to dedicate an entire month to all things small, colourful and plastic. Our Lego Ninja warriors return with serious ‘spinjitzu’ to fight the evils that plague Ninjago. Will the ninjas be able to defeat their nemesis Garmadon, or will Lloyds relationship with Garmadon lead to the Ninjas downfall? We are also joined by the Nexo Knights who are under attack by the corrupt Jestro. Will Jestro be able to find another monster book? Tune-in to Cartoon Network’s Lego month to find out!
Nexo Knights Premiere: Saturday 09/09/2017
Tune in:  Weekends @ 13:25 CAT
Ninjago Marathon: 16/09/2017
Tune in:  Saturday @ 11.05 CAT

Cartoon Network Original Shorts
OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes
Can anyone become a hero? We here at Cartoon Network certainly think so! Let’s put out our hands together and welcome the new wannabe super hero, K.O., to the channel where anything can happen! Everyone wants to be a hero, and K.O isn’t any diierent, but how far can a hero go without the support of his friends, Radicles and Enid? This troublesome trio will be partaking in various adventures that will hopefully make them more brave and hero-like than ever before. This wannabe team will be crashing onto your screens soon! So, if you like the sound of this trio, be sure to tune-in for one heck of an adventure. You can get to meet the team through a series of shorts during programmes, and follow their eeorts to become the world’s greatest heroes!
Premiere: Monday 11/09/2017

New Episodes
The Powerpuff Girls
Can I have one order of the Powerpuu Girl’s please, with extra sauce and EXTRA spice!
This month, we here at Cartoon Network thought that we would spoil all our viewers (you), with more Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, served on a silver platter, extra hot, extra new and extra spicy for your convenience and enjoyment! So sit back, relax and watch as your three favourite super sisters fight their way to your screens and into your hearts! This time, Buttercup is feeling a little insecure about her abilities, so she decides to bulk up to the max – can her sisters help her overcome hear fears of inadequacy? Viewers can also look forward to watching as Bubbles tries to convince her family that she is responsible enough to own a dog – will she succeed?
Premiere: Monday 04/09/2017
Tune-in: Monday to Fri-day @ 18:15 CAT
Repeat: Monday to Friday @ 05:25, 12:15 CAT
Weekends: 08:35, 16:55 CAT

WWE Has A New Home On Supersport, It Will No Longer Air On

WWE (NYSE: WWE) and SuperSport, Africa’s premier sports broadcaster announced a new, multi-year agreement to broadcast WWE programming live for the first time in more than 50 countries throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Starting Monday, August 28, SuperSport will air WWE’s flagship shows Raw® and SmackDown® as well as WWE specials, including WrestleMania® and SummerSlam®.

“WWE is a global phenomenon, so securing the broadcast rights for SuperSport is a terrific coup,” said Gideon Khobane, chief executive of SuperSport. “The athletes involved are larger than life figures who command huge followings. At long last our viewers will get to share in this entertainment spectacle in high definition. I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with WWE.”

“SuperSport is a best-in-class partner who shares our vision and passion for engaging with and entertaining our fans,” said Ed Wells, WWE Executive Vice President, International. “Televising WWE programming live in sub-Saharan Africa for the first time is an important milestone for us, and we look forward to working with SuperSport to cultivate new fans in the region.”

SuperSport channels S3, S4, S9 and SS10 will televise Raw on Tuesdays and SmackDown on Wednesdays, offering both live telecasts and same-day re-airs, and will broadcast all WWE specials live, including WrestleMania®, SummerSlam®, Survivor Series® and Royal Rumble®. All programs will be available with English commentary and on demand.

WWE programming will also be made available across some of DStv’s general entertainment channels.

To celebrate the new partnership, SuperSport will televise the prior week’s episodes of Raw and SmackDown on Monday, August 28.

What's New In August 2017 On NickToons Africa

There’s only one Dragon Warrior and that’s what Po is determined to prove in the new episodes of Kung Fu Panda! Watch as Po must face the strike of the Furious Five when the gang tires of him getting all the credit; discover sides to Master Shifu that we’ve never seen before;  and marvel at the haphazard martial artistry  as the “chosen one” tries to stop an alien weevil invasion that threatens to take over the world.
Weekdays from Monday 7 August @ 15:35 CAT

Rabbids are curious little alien creatures that have crash-landed on Earth. They’re on a mission to wreak havoc and have fun wherever they go. In the brand new episodes this month, the furry fiends think the moon has disappeared, one of the Rabbids accidentally switches places with a baby and another falls  in love … with a human! When trouble is afoot, you know these crazy creatures are never too far away!
Weekdays from Monday 7 August @ 16:50 CAT

The pretty ponies are back with countless adventures this August! Are you ready to fill your afternoons with magical new stories featuring your favourite foals? The wellbeing of Equestria is once again in the hooves of Twilight Sparkle and her friends. Watch Pinkie Pie struggle to keep a secret related to Princess Cadance and Shining Armor; Fluttershy will face her fears to enjoy an evening with the gang; and Rarity will work hard to prove that Rainbow Dash is innocent of a crime.
Weekdays from Monday 14 August @ 13:55 CAT