Friday, 14 October 2016

Armando And Marlene Got Married, Betty Gave Birth To A Baby Girl And Eva Starts Her New Business In All Roads Lead To Love - November 2016 Teasers

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Tuesday, 1 November, Pablo decides not to let Eva know what Evencio has remembered, but Eva realises that Pablo is hiding something from her. Camila looks for a job.

Wednesday, 2 November, Eva complains to Pablo for not telling her what he knew, and they break up. Adriana is left in shock by what she overhears. Armando gets married.

Thursday, 3 November, Betty tells Marisol she will do anything to have Pablo. Marlene tells her brother that she will ruin Armando. Adriana and Camila make up.

Friday, 4 November, Eva’s new business gets of to a healthy start. Pablo tries to reconcile with Eva, but Betty interrupts them. Pablo warns her not to interfere.

Monday, 7 November, Soraya manages to turn the tables on Cynthia. Adriana worries that her drug abuse may have repercussions for her baby. Eva doesn’t want to see Pablo.

Tuesday, 8 November, Martin and Federica set out to prove that Federica’s son was murdered. Reynaldo tells Marlene he will make her pay for all the pain she caused him.

Wednesday, 9 November, Adriana suspects that Octavio is still selling drugs. Soraya’s memory returns. Pablo sees Eva with Armando, and argues with her about it.

Thursday, 10 November, Eva warns Pablo to stay away from her. Soraya says she doesn’t want to live without Pancho. Adriana’s pregnancy is threatened, and Eva is alarmed.

Friday, 11 November, Adriana doesn’t tell Eva what happened. Armando wants to get back with Eva. Esteban finds Soraya unconscious. Eva argues with Pablo and Armando.

Monday, 14 November, Reynaldo wants to team up with Eva as they have enemies in common. Pablo tells Martin they will take Reynaldo’s case, but only because of Federica.

Tuesday, 15 November, Andy attempts to force himself on Camila, but she threatens to kill him. Eva encourages Soraya to learn to live without Pancho.
Wednesday, 16 November, Soraya tells Pablo what she has recalled. Luis speaks to the company’s staf. Marlene orders Andy to take revenge on the clients who left with Eva.

Thursday, 17 November, J.J. makes Marisol angry when he explains that he cannot be intimate with her. Pablo warns Eva about her revenge getting out of control.

Friday, 18 November, Enrique and Evencio are attacked, and the trailer and the merchandise destroyed. Andy calls Camila to ask for forgiveness, and invites her to dinner.

Monday, 21 November, Armando offers the clients a deal to persuade them to keep working with Eva. Adriana suspects that Antonio is actually Andy. Pablo and Eva reconcile.

Tuesday, 22 November, Betty is on the danger list at the hospital. Marisol sets a trap on Octavio. He is captured by the police, but swears that he will get revenge.

Wednesday, 23 November, Betty demands that Pablo marry her - or she will not have the Cesarean. Camila struggles to understand the truth about Antonio and Andy.

Thursday, 24 November, Camila vows that she will get revenge. Eva is heartbroken when Pablo is forced into marrying Betty at the hospital. Betty gives birth to a daughter.

Friday, 25 November, Eva sees Betty at the hospital, and makes it clear to her that she will have nothing more to do with Pablo. Rebeca plots revenge against the Furias.

Monday, 28 November, Rebeca's attempt to kill Virginia goes awry, and leaves a guilt-stricken Eva planning revenge. Pablo realises that Betty needs a kidney transplant.

Tuesday, 29 November, Bobby convinces Adriana to marry him, Mon Sol´s workers find out that the company may be broke, and Pablo volunteers as a kidney donor for Betty.

Wednesday, 30 November, Marlene and Rebeca join forces against Eva and her friends, while Pablo and JJ locate the documents that will help Federica to recover her fortune.

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