Friday, 14 October 2016

The Romance Heats Up In Manuel And Silvana - November 2016 Teasers

Premieres weekdays at 6pm. Catch-up Saturdays at 4.20pm

Tuesday, 1 November, Manuel visits Silvana and asks her what would happen if her husband reappeared on the scene.

Wednesday, 2 November, Silvana confesses to Manuel that although she does have feelings for him, she is not ready to act on them.

Thursday, 3 November, Manuel tells Stella that he no longer feels anything for her, and has therefore decided to end the relationship.

Friday, 4 November, Manuel tells Silvana that things cannot continue as they are, and explains that she is the reason why he ended his relationship with Stella.

Monday, 7 November, Silvana is not very pleased when Stella phones her at 3am in order to inform her that she was the one who vandalised her car.

Tuesday, 8 November, Silvana goes to see Manuel to tell him that they are not going to move. As they embrace, Lucha arrives and stares at them in disapproval.

Wednesday, 9 November, After receiving the letter from her husband, Silvana looks to Manuel for support - and they finally kiss.

Thursday, 10 November, Silvana talks to Angie, and her daughter tells her how proud she is of her, and how grateful she is for everything she has done for them.

Friday, 11 November, Majo reminds her mother that it is her duty to return to her father, and the argument goes out of control.

Monday, 14 November, Stella continues with her plan to make Manuel jealous, and gets Poncho to propose to her in front of everyone at work.

Tuesday, 15 November, Silvana receives a visit from the police. They ask her questions about her husband’s whereabouts, but she withholds the truth from them.

Wednesday, 16 November, Antonio Jose shows up and surprises Silvana and tries to explain to her what happened, but an angry Silvana wants nothing more to do with him.

Thursday, 17 November, After a very uncomfortable encounter with Antonio Jose, things get even worse for Silvana when she finds Stella and Manuel kissing in his car.

Friday, 18 November, Stella prepares to marry Poncho - but at the last minute she panics and runs away, leaving Poncho at the altar.

Monday, 21 November, Dominique catches up with a tearful Stella and takes her home. Benito declares his love to Trini. A jealous Jorge asks Margarita to be his girlfriend.

Tuesday, 22 November, Silvana's friend Cata arrives and starts flirting with Manuel. Dominique convinces Manuel to talk to Stella and help her out of her depression.

Wednesday, 23 November, Manuel makes Silvana fall in love with him more by just being himself. Stella refuses to come out from her room unless Manuel returns to her.

Thursday, 24 November, Silvana meets with Antonio Jose and tells him what she has decided. Stella pushes Manuel to confess to her that he is in love with Silvana.

Friday, 25 November, The police are looking for Antonio Jose, and they warn Silvana against withholding information from them. Silvana tells her mother about her decision.

Monday, 28 November, Silvana tells her familly that she has taken the decision to divorce Antonio Jose - but Maria Jose does not react well to this news.

Tuesday, 29 November, Now Silvana has made her decision, Manuel is eager to start building a new life with her, and for them to make plans together as a couple.

Wednesday, 30 November, Maria Jose walks into Manuel’s office and catches him and her mother together, embacing and kissing.

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