Tuesday, 2 May 2017

A Brand New Telenovela Is Replacing The Son I Never Knew, Dangerous Affairs Premieres Monday 12 June At 17:10 CAT On Telemundo Africa - June 2017 Teasers

Premieres weekdays at 5.10pm from 12 June. Catch-up Sundays at 12.10pm

Monday, 12 June, Everyone is at the beach, celebrating the end of the school year. A group of guys attack Miranda, but Mauricio intervenes just in time.

Tuesday, 13 June, Miranda learns that Mauricio is under age, and 10 years her junior. Nora worries when Sebastian and Rodrigo don’t turn up at the academy.

Wednesday, 14 June, Sebastian confronts Gonzalo about Rodrigo’s death, pressuring him to tell the truth. Mauricio promises Miranda that he will never bother her again.

Thursday, 15 June, Miranda, unable to reveal her relationship with him, feels forced to agree to be Mauricio’s tutor. Leonardo manages to unlock Rodrigo’s phone.

Friday, 16 June, Oliver blackmails Mauricio and Miranda. Sebastian apologises to Gonzalo for suspecting his involvement in Santiago’s death.Teresa looks for Oliver.

Monday, 19 June, The police detain Oliver and take him into custody, which worries Gonzalo. Gonzalo accidentally leaves his phone at Teresa’s house.

Tuesday, 20 June, Oliver calls Mauricio and offers him a deal. Mauricio turns up at the restaurant where Miranda and Juan Pablo are.

Wednesday, 21 June, Miranda receives an anonymous message, and believes Mauricio sent it. Patty tells her that Juan Pablo has been receiving similar messages.

Thursday, 22 June, Mauricio asks Yesenia to help him, and they arrange to meet at the park. Miranda listens to their conversation. Cassius accuses Ana of racism.

Friday, 23 June, Jaime threatens Juan Pablo, telling him to give himself up to the police. Yesenia visits her brother in jail and talks to him about Mauricio.

Monday, 26 June, Juan Pablo forces Leonardo to tell him about the bet they made at the academy. Miranda confronts Mauricio for sending her anonymous messages.

Tuesday, 27 June, Oliver calls Mauricio from jail, pressuring him to get him more money. Leonardoand Gonzalo are suspended from the academy for two days.

Wednesday, 28 June, Mauricio tells the rest of the gang that he won the bet, and shows them a photo. Santiago and Juan Pablo are worried that Miranda will be fired.

Thursday, 29 June, Mauricio receives a new threat from Oliver. Miranda tells Teresa she wants to resign as Mauricio’s tutor, but Teresa doesn’t accept her resignation.

Friday, 30 June, Cassius tells Sofia not to provoke Gonzalo or Leonardo. Leonardo tells Gonzalo that his father gave him $10 million to invest in a business venture.

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  1. Hello what show will replace Iron Rose and Husband For Hire when they end