Friday, 2 June 2017

Return Of The S Men In July 2017 On Studio Universal Including The Six O'Clock Club And Eddie Murphy Movies To Keep You At The Edge Of Your Seat

“Big And Small (And Blue?)”

5th July at 18:00
Feel the full force of nostalgia in this CGI/live-action hybrid of everyone’s favourite little blue guys! When Clumsy Smurf unintentionally wreaks havoc in Smurf Village, the gang are forced to flee their homeland and end up in the big, bad world of present-day New York City! As they navigate their way around the Big Apple looking for a way home, the Smurfs come to realise that a certain danger has followed them to the big city. Animated comedy starring Neil Patrick Harris, Hank Azaria, and featuring the voice of Katy Perry.

17th July at 18:00
While Scrat continues in vain to protect his beloved acorn, Manny, Sid and Diego are back for another hilarious arctic adventure. The prehistoric pals discover that the ice age is coming to an end and that a flood is coming, so embark on a journey to higher ground in order to avoid the impending disaster. On their travels however, Manny discovers that he is not the last of the woolly mammoths, and finds love in the process! Animated comedy-adventure featuring the voices of Ray Romano, Denis Leary, Queen Latifah and Jay Leno.

21st July at 18:05
The late Robin Williams stars in this fantasy adventure based on cinema’s most infamous board game. The story centres on Alan Parrish (Williams), who gets trapped inside the dreaded Jumanji game for 26 years, until siblings Judy and Peter find the game, begin playing it, and unwittingly release Alan, along with a host of various dangers that can only be stopped by completing it. With Judy and Peter’s help, Alan sets out to find his childhood sweetheart, Sarah, and defeat the game once and for all. Also starring Kirsten Dunst and Bonnie Hunt.

14th July at 18:05
Chris Wedge, director of family classics Ice Age and Robots, brings this animated action-adventure that features a star-studded list of voice actors including Colin Farrell, Amanda Seyfried, Chris O’Dowd, and even Pitbull and Beyoncé! The film follows teenager Mary Katherine, or MK, as she finds herself transported to a forest where a vicious battle between goodand evil is taking place. MK finds herself teaming up with the plucky humanoids known as Leafmen in order to defend their world, and ours, from the sinister Boggans!


21st July at 20:00
Eddie Murphy stars as Akeem Joffer, an African prince and heir to the throne of the fictional Zamunda, who lives an extremely pampered lifestyle – to the point where even his bride-to-be is selected for him! This becomes too much to handle for him,and the prince travels to New York – undercover, of course – in order to find a wife he can respect and will love him for who he is, not just for his wealth. This feel good rom-com is an often over-looked gem in Murphy’s catalogue, and features everyone’s favourite cinematic game: How many characters does Eddie Murphy play?

14th July at 20:00
Eddie Murphy returns as kind-hearted and obese Professor Sherman Klump, who is finally getting married, and the Klump family – all played by Murphy – are by his side for this special occasion. However, when his alter ego Buddy Love appears,Sherman finds that his wedding may not go quite as planned. Taking matters into his own hands, Klump sets out to extractBuddy’s DNA from his system in an effort to finally be rid of his nemesis – but Buddy isn’t going down without a fight!

28th July at 20:00
Eddie Murphy is joined by the equally talented Mike Myers in this animated fantasy-comedy that took the world by storm. An entertaining parody of children’s fantasy films, the film focuses on the big green ogre Shrek, who finds his peaceful swamp overrun with fairy tale creatures banished by the evil Lord Farquaad. Shrek strikes a deal with Farquaad, where he agrees to bring him a queen in exchange for the deed to his swamp, setting out on the journey with his new found sidekick, a talking Donkey. What could possibly go wrong?

“Return of the S Men”

16th July at 18:00
Action icon Steven Seagal stars in this 90s action flick as John Hatcher, a recently retired DEA trouble-shooter heading backto his native Chicago in search of a quiet life. However, things do not go as planned when Hatcher finds his homeland taken over by a gang of particularly vicious Jamaican drug dealers. After the gang’s leader, Screwface, puts a hit out on him and his family, Hatcher reluctantly returns to his drug-busting past and sets out to take down the entire posse.

27th July at 20:00
Arnold Schwarzenegger takes centre-stage in this classic1985 action film directed by Mark L. Lester, where retired elite Black Ops Commando John Matrix goes to war with a group of South American criminals who kidnapped his daughter. Arnie shines as a desperate - and violent - man, willing to do anything to get his daughter back. If there’s one thing you’ll learn, it’s that John Matrix eats Green Berets for breakfast,and right now, he’s very hungry!

15th July at 18:00
A crime lord faces a dilemma between his legacy and his desire to get out of the world that built his empire when a new player arrives on the scene. As the newbie looks to use the town’s anti-hero network to fast-track his way to the top, the only person the mob chief can trust is his assassin protégé, who has troubles of his own. Steven Seagal and Danny Trejo top the cast of a classic story where a town just isn’t big enough for two kingpins – and only one will survive.

29th July at 18:00
When young Conan watches his parents meet their gruesome demise at the hands of the evil Thulsa Doom, he sets out on a quest for vengeance. What follows next is what can only be described as an old-school Game of Thrones episode, with plenty of violence and the occasional sex scene to match. Fantasy adventure starring Arnold Schwarzenegger at his most jacked, and professional villain James Earl Jones at his most sinister.

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