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Friday, 16 March 2018

Its The Moment You've All Been Waiting For UniKitty Makes A Debut On Cartoon Network Africa In May 2018 Along With More Adventures Of The Wattersons In The Amazing World Of Gumball And Yokai Watch: The Movie

Covered in glitter, sparkles and pink fuf, season one of UniKitty is finally here!

UniKitty, the beloved character from The LEGO® Movie, is still ruling and roaming her own kingdom, Unikingdom, also known as the happiest place in the world. However, keeping this happy place HAPPY comes with a lot of hard work for our princess, making sure that every single day is the happiest and most creative and fun day ever! Tune in on Monday 7th May and follow the crazy adventures of your new favourite unicorn-kitty hybrid, as she tackles Master Frown of Frowntown (the most depressing place ever!), overloads old boring Richard with too many emotions and recovers some birthday wishes before they are wished away forever!

Premiere: 07/05/2018
Tune-in: Monday to Friday @ 17:00 CAT/16:00 WAT/18:00 EAT
Repeat: Monday to Friday @ 05:00 CAT/04:00 WAT/06:00 EAT & 09:20 CAT/08:20 WAT/10:20 EAT and Weekends @ 08:25 CAT/07:25 WAT/09:25 EAT

The world is still Amazing for Gumball!
Gumball and his friends are fnally back with all new episodes this May!

The totally normal Wattersons family consist of Dad, who’s your regular 6”4 pink rabbit, Mom who works in a rainbow factory, an three very standard kids: Gumball, a blue cat with a giant head; Anais, a 4-year-old genius bunny; and Darwin, a pet goldfsh who became part of the family when he grew legs…Since these guys are just the not-so-average family, be sure to expect some more misadventure in the new season of the Amazing World of Gumball coming to Cartoon Network in May!

Premiere: Saturday 26/05/2018
Tune-in: Weekends @ 07:30 CAT/06:05 WAT/08:05 EAT
Repeat: Weekends @ 16:20 CAT/15:20 WAT/17:20 EAT and 19:30 CAT/18:30 WAT/20:30 EAT, Saturdays @ 12:00 CAT/11:00 WAT/13:00 EAT and Sundays @ 12:05 CAT/11:05 WAT/13:05 EAT

We are happy to announce this month’s movie special on Cartoon Network, Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie!

Tune in on Tuesday 1st May for some quality time packed with excitement as Nate Adams and his Yo-Kai friends head out on yet another adventure. This time, someone steals the magical Yo-Kai Watch which enables Nate to see the creatures of the Yo-Kai world in order to stop humans from befriending the spirits. The missing Yo-Kai watch forces Nate to travel back in time to visit his grandfather and persuade him to make a new watch! Are you ready for some serious time-bending adventuring?

Premiere: Tuesday 01/05/2018
Tune-in: 08:05 CAT/07:05 WAT/09:05 EAT

Friday, 23 February 2018

Cloudy With The Chance Of Meatballs Makes Its Debut On Cartoon Network Africa In April 2018 Following The Rad Adventures Of Flint Lockwood And Sam Sparks Alongside A Sneak Peek Of Cartoon Network Brand New Lego Series Unikitty And A Holiday Stunt With Teen Titans GO!

Prepare for glitter, sparkles, and total craziness, because … it’s UNICORN DAY!!

We are UNI-ted in our happiness and utter excitement to announce our new dazzling show, UniKitty, with a snazzy sneak peek! In a joyous kingdom full of sparkle matter, happy thoughts, and the occasional rage-out, we get to follow UniKitty, the beloved character from The LEGO® Movie, and a whole cast of friends into a world full of adventure, excitement, and dance parties. As ruler of the kingdom, Unikitty is most interested in making sure everyone is happy and ridding the kingdom of negativity. But don’t misunderstand her friendliness – she is one kitty you don’t want to mess with! Tune in for our unicorn special this month and see what happens when Master Frown tries to get in her way while spreading positive vibes!

Tune-in: Monday 09/04/2018 @ 08:25 CAT

Things are a ’cooking in the Cartoon Network kitchen!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is coming to Cartoon Network this month, so make sure you tune in for this tasty new series! In this prequel to the beloved family film, we get to see what the eccentric scientist, Flint Lockwood, did during his high school years. Here is a spoiler - he was already an eccentric scientist back then … however not a very successful one! Tune in this April to see where, and how, the adventure began, starting with Flint’s frst invention: a machine that takes out garbage, but also decides for itself what, and WHO, is garbage! Take it from us, paste yourselves to your screens because craziness is about to unravel with this meaty series of adventures!

Premiere: Monday 16/04/2018
Tune-in: Monday to Friday @ 07:30 CAT
Repeat: Monday to Friday @ 20:00 CAT
Weekends @ 13:25 CAT

Our special teens are on a go!

Chocolate or no chocolate, here at Cartoon Network we have one BIG delicious treat for you this Easter holiday! Tune in to Cartoon Network over the weekends this month for some Teen Titans Go! fun in a series of specials we have lined up just for you! Find out what happens when the Teen Titans compete in the “Justice League’s Next Top Talent Idol Star”, trying to win the favour of their favourite heroes Batman, Superman, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman. Robyn sure is excited, perhaps even more than the rest of the young titans … And what happens when the group finds themselves shipwrecked on a desert island in Island Adventures? Eeeeeeek! So much excitement for one month!

Premiere: Sunday 02/04/2018
Tune-in: Monday 02/04 to Friday 06/04 @ 08:05 CAT

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

In March 2018 Cartoon Network Africa Welcomes Power Rangers Samurai Onto Their Screens With Brand New Episodes Of Wishfart And An April Fool's Stunt

Samurai, Ninja - Go!

The Power Rangers are back, sharper than ever! This time, four young warriors are in a time of need summoned to defeat the incredibly powerful master Xandred! The great team of new Samurai Rangers is made up of Olympic swimmer Kevin, kindergarten teacher Mia, the carefree gamer Mike, and Emily, a pure-hearted country girl. Watch how these young warriors train hard with the Red Ranger Jayden, on Cartoon Network in March, where they must learn fast in order to save the world in time … Go! Go! Samurai!

Premiere: Wednesday 21/03/18
Tune-In: Monday to Friday @ 15:50 CAT
Repeat: Monday to Friday @ 08:05 and 19:00 CAT
Weekends @ 06:15, 11:05 and 14:45 CAT

Leprechaun on the run!

As funny of a word as it may be, being a wish-granting leprechaun is not an easy thing! Tune in this March to see all kinds of possible ways wish-granting can go wrong, especially when in the hands of Dez, the cool rebel-leprechaun. Luckily for us, we’re only there to enjoy and laugh at his misadventures. Not the same can be said for his friends Akiko, the Japanese ghost girl, or Pufin, the pufin, who usually manages to get on the wrong side of Dez’s wishes. But sometimes, just like us, they just can’t help themselves!

Premiere: Sunday 11/03/18
Tune-in: Weekends @ 17:30 CAT
Repeat: Weekends @ 05:00 CAT

Everything is funny, as long as it’s happening to someone else!

Our favorite day of the year is here, April Fool’s Day! To celebrate this very special day, Cartoon Network has put together a collection of our funniest episodes to make sure you won’t stop laughing. Just remember to come up for air once in a while! Celebrating with us are our friends from Regular Show, Gumball, We Bear Bears and Teen Titans Go!, to help us exercise those laughing muscles. So, sit down with your family, Easter candy and be ready for a hilarious time this April 1st!

Premiere: Sunday 01/04/18
Tune-in: 07:55 CAT

Friday, 15 December 2017

In February 2018 Cartoon Network Africa Will Be Premiering An Epic New Original Series The Heroic Quest Of The Valiant Prince Ivandoe Alongside Brand New Episodes Of OK K.O. Let's Be Heroes And A Brand New Season Of Ben 10

Make way for his majesty, Prince Ivandoe!

Prince Ivandoe is the bravest, noblest and most handsome prince of the forest, especially according to himself! Blessed with a great deal of self-confidence, he embarks on a quest ft for a king, a quest that THE King has actually tasked him with. The king is The Mighty Stag who just so happens to be Prince Ivandoe’s father! Driven by the will to prove himself worthy of one day succeeding his father, the young prince leaves his home to hopefully return with the Golden Feather of the fearsome Eagle King. Accompanying him on this heroic mission is his dedicated squire, the small bird Bert. Together they discover the world, as well as themselves, in this silly new adventure. Is Prince Ivandoe really king-material and will he be able to retrieve the Golden Feather? We can’t wait to find out!

Premiere: 25/02/2017
Tune-In: Sunday @ 09:55 CAT

How do you become a superhero in a world that is already full of them?

If anyone should know, it’s K.O. who works in a hero supply shop! Trying to reach his goal of becoming a superhero himself, he has teamed up with his best friends and co-workers, Radicles, an apathetic alien who likes himself very much, and Enid, the realistic and pragmatic big sister of the team. Sometimes they even get an extra hand from some of the local superhero customers! See how they tackle robot threats or issues from the past and how they figure out that throwing your own prom is not as easy as you might think! Tune in to see K.O. and co. go on great new escapades in superhero land!

Premiere: Monday 19/02/18
Tune-In: Monday to Friday @ 17:00 CAT
Repeat: Weekends @ 08:45 & 12:25 CAT

BEN 10
Up the game, Ben 10!

He races transcontinental bullet trains, protects movie-goers from actual movie monsters, fights paper aeroplane wars, and on top of that, will not let the precious Pancake Palace pancakes get into the wrong hands! Is there anything that Ben 10 can’t handle? Still, there are people who wish to see him fail like Zombozo and the alien conqueror Vilgax. When they attack, Ben is always ready to fight

Premiere: Saturday 04/02/18
Tune-in: Weekends @ 10:20 CAT
Repeat: Weekends @ 16:20 CAT

Friday, 1 December 2017

In January 2018 Cartoon Network Africa Debuts A New Series Wishfart With More New Episodes Of Power Rangers Ninja Steel And Everyone's Warriors For Hire

What would you wish for?

Dez, a maverick teenage leprechaun with rookie wish-granting powers goes on wild escapades with his friends; a Japanese ghost girl named Akiko and a pufn bird called Pufn. However, the wishes he grants have a way of getting out of control.. Tune in this month to see how wishing upon a star might not be as easy as you might think!

Premiere: 01/01/2018
Tune-In: Monday to Friday @ 12:05 CAT
Repeat: Weekends @ 06:10 CAT

Watch out for the new generation of Power Rangers!

Meet the new generation of warriors that have risen to protect the Power Stars- The Power Rangers Ninja Steel! Together they must train to protect the mighty Power Stars from getting in the hands of Galvanax, a cruel champion of the intergalactic monster game show Galaxy warriors. 10 years ago, Earth’s greatest ninja sacrifced himself to keep the universe safe from Galvanax and his followers. Will this new generation be ready in time to stand up to him again and stop this evil threat from destroying the world? We sure hope so!!

Premiere: Monday 08/01/18
Tune-In: Monday to Friday @ 15:50 CAT
Repeat: Monday to Friday @ 09:35 CAT
Weekends @ 06:25, 11:05, & 14:45 CAT

Babysitting Snowmanpire babies? Quests to fnd Narwhal Magiswords? Warriors for Hire always has your back!

The clumsy brother and sister; Prohyas and Vambre are the duo of Warriors for Hire and with their Magiswords, they are always up for a quest! However, things don’t always go according to plan for the siblings... See how they accidentally attack a local monster, try to save Teri Garantuan from mad spider hunters. Will they manage to convince Hoppus the rabbit to leave his friend Kablammica, and most importantly, her broccoli soup? Tune in to find out!

Premiere: Saturday 20/01/18
Tune-in: Weekends @ 18:15 CAT

Monday, 30 October 2017

In December 2017 Cartoon Network Africa Is Going Gaga For Ben 10 With New Episodes And Challenges Alongside More Power Rangers Ninja Steel Plus 12 Day Christmas Marathon With Your Favourite Shows

BEN 10
We’ve gone Ben 10 crazy this month!

The Ben 10 Challenge is here! You can be heroes just like the Tennyson trio! Step into Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max’s shoes as we put our Ben 10 fans to the ultimate test! In each of the 10 episodes, two teams will be challenged to a series of realistic mental and physical, intergalactic challenges that will set the real alien-busting heroes apart! To add some extra stardust to the mix, we are airing all-new episodes of Ben 10. There is a new alien and Ben has been warned! Ben must do whatever he can to protect the Omnitrix, especially now! Excited yet? We are!

Ben 10: The New Alien: 07/12/17
Ben 10 Challenge: 23/12/17
Tune-In: The New Alien: Thursday @ 17:55 CAT
Ben 10 Challenge: Saturdays @ 09:55 CAT
Repeat: Ben 10 Challenge: Sundays @ 15:45 CAT

More Power and more Ninja Steel please!

The Power Rangers are back with more action and punch this festive season! Follow the galactic warriors on their quest to unlock and control the Ninja Power Stars with the all-new adventure-packed episodes that will have you on the edge of your seat! Watch as Preston learns to stand up for what is right as he confronts his father to save the Cove’s sentimental “Ribbon Tree”. Ripcon attacks the city again and the Rangers must save the day but frst, Victor and Monty need to pull themselves out of Preston’s magical hat! Will they make it out in time? Tune-in to find out!

Premiere: Saturday 09/12/2017
Tune-in: Weekends @ 11:05 CAT
Repeat: Weekends @ 14:35 CAT

Cartoon Network … The Christmas gift that keeps on giving!

We have something special this Christmas and want to treat you, all day, every day, so expect a new surprise daily with movies, marathons and a few of your favourite specials! Catch Batman the Lego Movie where Batman has to save the city from the evil Joker’s attempts to rein! Teleport back to the beginning with our Gumball special, “The Origins”! Lastly, watch your favourite slackers, Mordecai and Rigby, go back in time to battle an evil volleyball coach to save the universe and … their friendship in The Regular Show: The Movie! Eeeek, so much to see and do!

Premiere: Saturday 11/12/2017
Tune-in: Monday - Friday @ 16:10 CAT until the 26/12

Friday, 13 October 2017

Angelo Rules Season Four Coming Soon To Cartoon Network Feeds In EMEA And Asia-Pacific

London-based children’s television producer and distributor – CAKE Entertainment has announced that Cartoon Network feeds (and other kids channels operated by Turner) in selected markets across EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) will be airing new episodes from Angelo Rules season four in 2018. Angelo Rules follows the titular 11-year-old boy who can mastermind any plan to get himself and his friends – Sherwood and Lola out of trouble.

The show is based on the French book series Comment Faire Enrager written by Sylvie de Mathuisieulx and illustrated by Sébastien Diologent. The Angelo Rules animated TV show is produced in collaboration with French animation studio TeamTO, CAKE, Teletoon+, France Télévisions and Super RTL. Angelo Rules season four will consist of 52 episodes with a 11-minute runtime.

The show’s target demographic is children aged between 6-12 years old, and so far the show has aired in more than 100 countries.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Its The Moment You All Been Waiting For Cartoon Network Africa Finally Debuts OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes Based On The Online Shorts With This Month Having Special New Episodes Of Jump City Crime Fighters In Teen Titans GO! And Brand New Episodes Of The Amazing World Of Gumball In November 2017

Brand New Show
OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes
Swoosh, fash, whack, BOOM … you just got served a KO by K.O.!

Working at a supply shop can be pretty boring – but not for K.O. and his best friends Radicles, an apathetic, narcissistic alien, and Enid, a level-headed big sister-like employee who both work at Gar’s Bodega, a hero supply shop in the Lakewood Plaza strip mall. This month, watch as K.O. attempts to, with the help of his friends, pull of a prom at the Plaza, fnd parts to repair Dendy’s high-tech backpack and even defeat Raymond the robot so they can retrieve a stolen sign. Interested yet? We are!

Saturday 18/11/2017 @ 08:45 CAT
Tune in: Monday to Friday @ 16:55 CAT
Repeat: Monday to Friday @ 12:05 CAT
Weekends @ 08:45 and 12:15 CAT

Special New Episodes
Teen Titans Go! Month
TTG … Teen TG … Teen Titans G … Teen Titans Go!

Cartoon Network is spoiling you this November with a month of pure Teen Titans Go! Tune-in for special new episodes starring your favourites: Robin, Starfre, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven! Watch as the gang tries to fnd the missing 2 o’clock hour during daylight savings. And, the fun doesn’t end there. How does “detective” Robin investigate what happened to the animals living outside their TTG towers? Be warned, viewers, there are some special surprises along the way such as Beast Boy’s love for Raven and much, much more!

Premiere: Monday 23/11/2017 @ 16:05 CAT
Tune in: Monday to Friday @ 16:05 CAT
Repeat: Monday to Friday @ 07:35 CAT Marathon Special: Tune in Saturdays @ 07:10 CAT

New Episodes
The Amazing World of Gumball
Take a cat and a goldfsh, put them together and what do you get? Gumball and Darwin!!!

Cartoon Network’s hilariously peculiar family, the Wattersons are back! Join Gumball, Darwin and Anais as they embark on many adventures that will keep you laughing for days. This month, Nicole tries to hide her disappointment when the family forgets her special day but fails dismally! What can Richard do? Can he figure it out in time to save the day? Viewers can also look forward to their favourite family doing whatever it takes, and we mean WHATEVER it takes, to see the screening of the Steller Odyssey sequel!

Premiere: Monday 06/11/2017 @ 17:50 CAT
Tune in: Monday to Friday @ 17:50 CAT
Repeat: Monday to Friday @ 06:35, 08:20, 13:50 & 19:40 CAT
Weekends @ 06:50 & 13:25 CAT

Friday, 1 September 2017

The Nickelodeon And Netflix Series Power Rangers Ninja Steel Makes It Debut Along For The Ride Is Brand New Episodes Of Ben 10 And Townsville's Favourite Superheroes The Powerpuff Girls You Can Find This In October 2017 On Cartoon Network Africa

Brand New Show
Power Rangers Ninja Steel
Red, pink, blue, yellow, gold and white - are these the colours of the rainbow, or the colours of a new generation of your favourite heroes?

The new generation of the teenage ninja warriors are back and they won’t stop until all evil has been eliminated and Earth has been saved! The new Power Rangers series follows the young enthusiasts on their mission to beat Galvanax, the reigning champion of Galaxy Warriors, the top intergalactic game show in the universe. Galvanax is determined to become invincible by controlling the mythical Ninja Nexus Prism! The only thing standing in his way is the Power Rangers who possess the Ninja Power Stars! Will Galvanax succeed or will the Power Rangers prevail?

Saturday 07/10/2017
Tune in: Weekends @ 11:05 CAT
Repeat: Weekends @ 14.35 CAT

New Episodes
Ben 10
Ten times the action with all-new episodes of Ben 10, including a special Omnitricked episode!

Did Ben choose the watch, or did the watch choose him? These are the questions ten-year- old Ben has been asking himself since his discovery of the ever mysterious Omnitrix! With his cousin Gwen and grandpa Max, the three together form one heck of a team. Their mission … SAVE PLANET EARTH. Despite how normal Ben appears to be, it is clear that the 10-year-old is anything but! Join this alien-shifting, bad-guy fighting hero on all his day-to-day adventures and experience an average day, the Ben way!

New Episodes Premiere: Monday 23/10/2017
Tune in: Monday to Friday @ 15:55 CAT
Repeat: Monday to Friday @ 07:35 CAT
Omnitricked Special: Saturday 14/10/2017 Tune in: @ 15:45 CAT

Special New Episodes
The Powerpuff Girls
Watch out Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, there’s a new mysterious character in the city of Townsville!

The city of Townsville is protected by three super-cute yet super-ferce little girls, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, aka The Powerpuff Girls! The arrival of a new stranger to their little town is causing quite a stir. Who is this mystery person? Where does this stranger come from? One thing is for sure ... Professor Utonium has a lot of explaining to do! Get ready for some exciting new episodes of the Powerpuff Girls in a 5 part episode special.

Tune in: Saturday 21/10/2017 @ 07:05 CAT
Repeat: Sunday 22/10/2017 @ 16:55 CAT

Friday, 28 July 2017

In September 2017, Cartoon Network Africa Celebrates The Launch Of The New Lego Movie With Nexo Knights And Spinjitzu Alongside O.K. K.O. Shorts And Brand New Powerpuff Girls

Lego Month... Lets go
Nexo Knights and Ninjago Nexo Knights Premiere:
This month is going to be an action-packed adventure with the exploits of both the fearsome Ninjago’s and the courageous Nexo Knights! To celebrate the launch of the Lego Ninjago movie, we here at Cartoon Network thought that it would be pretty cool to dedicate an entire month to all things small, colourful and plastic. Our Lego Ninja warriors return with serious ‘spinjitzu’ to fight the evils that plague Ninjago. Will the ninjas be able to defeat their nemesis Garmadon, or will Lloyds relationship with Garmadon lead to the Ninjas downfall? We are also joined by the Nexo Knights who are under attack by the corrupt Jestro. Will Jestro be able to find another monster book? Tune-in to Cartoon Network’s Lego month to find out!
Nexo Knights Premiere: Saturday 09/09/2017
Tune in:  Weekends @ 13:25 CAT
Ninjago Marathon: 16/09/2017
Tune in:  Saturday @ 11.05 CAT

Cartoon Network Original Shorts
OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes
Can anyone become a hero? We here at Cartoon Network certainly think so! Let’s put out our hands together and welcome the new wannabe super hero, K.O., to the channel where anything can happen! Everyone wants to be a hero, and K.O isn’t any diierent, but how far can a hero go without the support of his friends, Radicles and Enid? This troublesome trio will be partaking in various adventures that will hopefully make them more brave and hero-like than ever before. This wannabe team will be crashing onto your screens soon! So, if you like the sound of this trio, be sure to tune-in for one heck of an adventure. You can get to meet the team through a series of shorts during programmes, and follow their eeorts to become the world’s greatest heroes!
Premiere: Monday 11/09/2017

New Episodes
The Powerpuff Girls
Can I have one order of the Powerpuu Girl’s please, with extra sauce and EXTRA spice!
This month, we here at Cartoon Network thought that we would spoil all our viewers (you), with more Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, served on a silver platter, extra hot, extra new and extra spicy for your convenience and enjoyment! So sit back, relax and watch as your three favourite super sisters fight their way to your screens and into your hearts! This time, Buttercup is feeling a little insecure about her abilities, so she decides to bulk up to the max – can her sisters help her overcome hear fears of inadequacy? Viewers can also look forward to watching as Bubbles tries to convince her family that she is responsible enough to own a dog – will she succeed?
Premiere: Monday 04/09/2017
Tune-in: Monday to Fri-day @ 18:15 CAT
Repeat: Monday to Friday @ 05:25, 12:15 CAT
Weekends: 08:35, 16:55 CAT

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Cartoon Network Africa Will Bring To You More Brand New Episodes Of Your Favourite Plus One Of Them Are Having A Stunt In August 2017

What kind of family is made up of two rabbits, two cats and one fish? Yup, you guessed it … the Wattersons are back!

Gumball, Darwin, Anais and parents, Nicole and Richard, have set very high family goals this month with all new comedic family packed episodes, airing exclusively on Cartoon Network! Watch Darwin awkwardly unravel as Gumball tries to play cupid with the girl of his dreams – can Gumball really shoot the arrow of love? Viewers can also look forward to watching their favourite rabbit dad go into a frenzy when he learns about the urban of the Joyful Burger – he will stop at nothing to devour it! Are you curious yet? Tune-in!

Premiere: Monday 31/07/2017
Tune-In: Monday - Friday @ 15:55 CAT
Repeat: Monday - Friday @ 19:15, 06:25, 13:25 CAT

One watch, multiple ghouls and some very strange behaviour! Yup, you guessed it … Yo-kai Watch is back!

Sometimes a watch can do more than just tick and tell the time. That’s right, Nate and his Yo-kai Watch are back to solve life’s everyday problems! This month, Nate tackles a jealous bearing Yo-kai named Wantson who tries to take over Nate’s body. Viewers can also look forward to an interesting encounter with a mysterious old lady who tells Nate and Komasan, the guardian lion dog, the legendary story of Princess Kaguya. Who is this princess you ask? We’d like to know too, so join us by tuning in to find out!

Premiere: Saturday 26/08/2017
Weekends: @ 14:35 CAT
Repeat: Monday - Friday @ 09:55 CAT

More POW for your Puff with Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup!

It’s Woman’s Day this month and what better way to celebrate all of Africa’s beautiful and powerful woman, than a screening of some all new episodes of your favourite super-cute, yet super-ferce female heroes – Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup! In the spirit of all things powerful and girly, Cartoon Network will be offering their viewers a “Girl Power” block flled with some pretty special surprises including two episodes with Donny the clumsy, naïve pony who is accidently transformed into a dangerous monster instead of a unicorn by Professor Utonium – oops! Can the girls change Donny back and save the day? Tune-in to find out!

Premiere: Wednesday 09/08/2017
Tune-in: Wednesday @ 08:20 CAT
Repeat: Wednesday  @ 18:30 CAT

Saturday, 24 June 2017

7 Cartoons Have Tragically Been Banned From Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon And Disney XD Africa Due To Homosexual (Or Gay) Behaviour (And Violent Language)

The outrages reasons are now surfacing as to why Ezekiel Mutua, the censorship tsar of Kenya's censorship board, last week abruptly banned 7 cartoons on Nickelodeon (DStv 305), Disney XD (DStv 304) and Cartoon Network (DStv 301) for being homosexual (gay).

The bizarre reasons provided by Kenya's Film Classification Board (KFCB) it seemingly took straight from the internet without having actually watched and screened the various kids cartoons, are mind-bogglingly insane and shockingly unbelievable.

Ezekiel Mutua, KFCB CEO, told MultiChoice the 7 cartoons must be off the air on the DStv and GOtv satellite pay-TV platforms over seemingly foolish reasons, ranging from one character "who has a dick for a head", to two characters who go on an (unseen) "implied romantic vacation".

While on a superficial level Kenya's censorship and banning of kids cartoons might seem silly, it has systemic and operational real-world consequences for South African and African TV viewers far beyond the borders of the East African country.

Since channel distributors often only has one TV channel broadcast feed for Africa, a ban of content on a channel in one country, like Kenya or Nigeria - that a channel distributor then must agree to - means one of two things.

Either the whole channel must be completely blocked and be made unavailable in the affected country, or the content deemed offensive on the TV channel must be removed from the linear broadcast schedule.

Since we share one similar channel feed for more than one country, this means that the content is taken away not just from viewers in the country affected, but from millions of DStv subscribers right across several African countries, including South Africa.

The 7 cartoons are now abruptly banned, with the KFCB's shocking censorship that is creating problems for not just MultiChoice and DStv, but also the channel and content providers Walt Disney Africa, Viacom International Media Networks Africa (VIMN Africa) and Turner Broadcasting EMEA that respectively run and programme the Disney XD, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network channels.

Some of the cartoons are not even airing anymore and ended years ago - for instance the now-banned The Legend of Korra that finished its run in 2014 (it would have aired on NickToons by now).

After responding to a media enquiry, the KFCB says the 7 cartoons - Loud House, The Legend of Korra, Hey Arnold, Clarence, Steven Universe, Adventure Time and Star vs the Forces of Evil are TV children programmes "with homosexual themes".

The KFCB says it doesn't matter that the shows don't include or show any overt on-screen "gayness".

If a show's creator said a character is gay - in the way that JR Rowling after the conclusion of the Harry Potter series said that Prof Dumbledore is gay - that is enough for Kenya's censors to order a ban on a kids cartoon on MultiChoice's DStv platform.

The KFCB says its "investigations focused on both current and previous programmes that are not suitable for children.

The KFCB - that said it banned the cartoons because it believes that the Nickelodeon, Disney XD and Cartoon Network shows "are intended to introduce children to deviant behaviour".

The KFCB says Kenya's constitution "only recognizes marriage between people of the opposite sex. From these references to the Kenya Constitution 2010, it is clear that homosexuality is not part of the culture, national values and the concept of a family."

"Further, it is important to note that South Africa is the only African country that recognizes same sex marriages. The Kenyan government has a responsibility to protect children against harmful exposure to negative media content and this is what the KFCB is doing as part of its mandate."

The KFCB provided the following reasons for why it banned each of the 7 cartoons on Nickelodeon, Disney XD and Cartoon Network:

The Loud House
The KFCB is so uninformed that it missed the announcement of self-censorship by VIMN Africa in mid-2016 when Viacom International "assured" DStv subscribers that it won't be broadcasting on television anywhere in Africa the "Overnight Success" episode on the Nickelodeon channel featuring the flash-appearance of two gay dads.

The KFCB has now banned the Loud House series over an episode that was never even broadcast in Kenya in the first place.

Star vs the Forces of Evil
KFCB would ban a cartoon that couldn't possibly have seen yet. Disney XD just started showing the second season of the show on the channel across Africa and is now at episode 8. It will be quite a while before episode 20, "Just Friends", makes it to actual TV screens that does contain a fleeting kiss - if you know where to pause and look closely in the background.

Legend of Korra
The KFCB decided to ban The Legend of Korra since the creator, after the conclusion of the show in 2014, said that two characters are lesbian. Yet nothing romantic during the duration of the show was ever shown on-screen.

Legend of Korra is banned although it isn't even showing on Nickelodeon currently.

Adventure Time
The KFCB decided to ban Adventure Time on fake reasons and alleges that "the creator said the two main characters are in a gay relationship".
Not only are Princess Bubblegum and Marceline not the main characters as the KFCB alleges, but the creator, Pendleton Ward, has never said anything to that effect ever.

The closest is actress Olivia Olsen voicing the character of Marceline, at a book signing, who said that in her personal opinion Marceline is likely lesbian but that the show will never venture into that territory since "in some countries where the show airs, it's sort of illegal".

Steven Universe
The KFCB found a correct quote from an interview with the website Movie Pilot with the show's creator. Ruby and Sapphire are indeed lesbians, according to the show's creator, but viewers will have to watch the show with that specific subtext to see that.

The KFCB however seems to read a lot of fanfiction. Is Pearl and Rose gay? The creator hasn't confirmed or mentioned anything.

Gravity Falls
Explaining why it banned this cartoon, the KFCB again lies and says a character calls someone "bitch". Nobody says this to another character and the word is never spoken.
What happens is that a character called Grunkle Stan once says "son of a ..." before the scene cuts away.

The KFCB lies when it says the characters watch porn. It's never happened. The show also finished in 2016 already. Like The Legend of Korra, the show's creator, after the conclusion of the series, said Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durand are gay, although its never ever mentioned or explored in the show.

Hey Arnold
The KFCB says "Arnold is taught the wonders of sexual stamina and given stories about sex". Nowhere in the series does that ever happening.
As proof of these and other simply not there things, the KFCB seems to have found a website that tries to find so-called "dirty jokes" in the cartoon.

The KFCB says Arnold's grandpa "had a dick for a head – head is in the shape of a penis and somewhere in the scene there is a poster written 'try my sausage".

It's real, definitive proof according to the KFCB that Hey Arnold isn't meant for children.
Luckily Hey Arnold isn't even on Nickelodeon currently but was on NickToons until this whole thing happened, so the KFCB didn't have to bother.

Special thinks to TV with Thinus

Friday, 2 June 2017

In July 2017, Cartoon Network Africa Will Be Bringing You More New Episodes Of Vambre And Prohyas In Mighty Magiswords With Grizz, Panda And Ice Bear In We Bare Bears Plus A Gumball And PPG Mashup

The fun continues with all new episodes of Mighty Magiswords!

Yes that’s right, your favourite clumsy siblings, Vambre and Prohyas, are back this month and boy oh boy are you in for a treat so be sure to hold onto your seat! This month we have more adventure, more excitement and of course more swords! Tune-in and watch as the team of ‘warriors for hire’ sets out on a series of new adventures that include retrieving a never-melting ice-cube, and solve the mystery behind Princess Zanga’s missing Autostyle Magisword. Will Vambre and Prohyas find the magical cube? Will they manage to fnd the princess’s sword in time and ultimately save her from her bad hair day?

Premiere: Monday 10/07/2017
Tune-In: Monday - Friday @ 18:15 CAT
Repeat: Monday - Friday @ 11:05 CAT

Brown, black and white! That’s right; your favourite brother bear trio is back!

Make sure you don’t miss out this month because the bears are back! The bears promise to bring more #Fun #Comedy and #Adventure than ever before! Watch as things go from good to bad when the audience decides to leave Grizz’s amateur movie screening – can he get them to stay? Viewers can also look forward to seeing Panda make a huge mistake when he agrees to babysit Lucy’s brother, Cliford (who is a menace), in an effort to impress her. Will he survive?

Premiere: Monday 03/07/2017
Tune-in: Monday - Friday @ 13:50 CAT
Repeat: Monday - Friday @ 08:20 & 20:25 CAT
Weekends: @ 05:00 & 19:40 CAT

Three girls, one cat and his fishy friend … every day, all week!

If you have not guessed it already, Cartoon Network will be airing back-to-back episodes of the Powerpuff Girls followed by The Amazing World of Gumball for a fve day marathon. Yes you read correctly – FIVE WHOLE DAYS!! So, if you like villain busting excitement with Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, or troublesome fun with the Wattersons, tune-in so that you do not miss out on any of the Powerpuff Girls action adventures or Gumball and Darwin’s hilarious mishaps and quirks! Are you excited yet? We sure are!

Tune-in: Monday 17/07/2017 through Sunday 22/07/2017 @ 09:30 CAT

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

In June 2017 You Can Catch The Epic Conclusion Of Regular Show With A Three Part Special You Don't Wanna Miss This Plus You Can Brand New Episodes Of Everyone's Favourite Teenage Crime Fighters Teen Titans GO! Plus A Father's Day Stunt With All Your Favourite Shows On Cartoon Network Africa

Teen Titans Go! is back for some all new crime-fighting adventures!

With so much generosity going around, Teen Titans Go! celebrate a double birthday! Beast Boy decides to share his birthday with Starfire once he learns that she’s never celebrated a birthday since arriving on Earth. Meanwhile, crime fighting never stops for Robin but his streak of stopping 52 crimes every year is in jeopardy when some of his team are poached by Kid Flash. You can also watch as the Titans play an innocent game of ‘spin the bottle’ to get closer to their alien princess, Starfire, but who will Starfire kiss? Curious? Tune-in to find out more!

Tune-In: Monday - Friday @ 16:10 CAT
Repeat: Monday - Friday @ 05:00, 06:25, 09:10, 11:30, 14:10, 16:10 & 18:40 CAT
Weekends @ 05:00, 06:50, 09:10, 11:30, 13:50, 16:30, 18:50 & 20:15 CAT

The crazy duo, Mordecai and Rigby, will be hitting our TV screens this June, one space day at a time!

Having a race in space could prove to be more fun than expected! Who wouldn’t enjoy messing around with a teleportation machine, unless of course it doesn’t go according to plan? A bounce here and a jump there means that new beds have arrived for our friends, however, all this fun and excitement is cut short after Mordecai and Rigby have to escape the claws of an unwelcomed guest. And in a three part special, discover the epic fnal battle in space that will decide the fate of the universe!

Premiere: Monday 05/06/2017
Tune-in: Monday - Friday @ 17:20 CAT
Weekends @ 05:40, 08:00, 12:40, 15:00 & 17:40 CAT
3 Part Special Friday 16/06/2017 @15:20

In the spirit of Father’s Day, this month Cartoon Network would like to pay tribute to the wonderful fatherly fgures across Africa through a series of special father-focused episodes!

Viewers can look forward to special screenings of all their favourite father characters doing what they do best! Watch as things get weirdly awkward when Raven’s father from Teen Titans Go! tries to steal the rest of the team’s souls. Viewers can also look forward to some comedic fun as Jake the Dog becomes a father. What could be more challenging than being a father – being a father to Rainicorn pups! Lastly, Bubbles can’t help but feel that she and the professor have nothing in common. The problem is soon resolved when Bubbles schedules a road trip for just the two of them!

Tune-in: Sunday 18/06/2017 @16:30 CAT

Friday, 24 March 2017

On Cartoon Network Africa In May 2017, You Can Catch More Brand New Episodes Of Ben And The Rest Of The Crew In Ben 10, Gumball And Darwin In The Amazing World Of Gumball, And Jestro With The Cloud Of Chaos In Nexo Knight

BEN 10
Ben Tennyson is not your average boy – he is a ten-year-old with a really cool Omnitrix watch that allows him to transform into ten super-cool, super-fierce alien heroes!

This month watch as Ben, Gwen and Max attempt to stop Zombozo and his trio of henchmen from hypnotising everyone in their favourite amusement park to form a criminal army - will Ben, Gwen and Max succeed? Viewers can also expect to see their favourite trio stuck along the East Coast after having run out of gas, forced to stay in a strange hotel, creepy things begin to happen…Curious? Tune-in to fnd out more

Tune-In: Monday - Friday@ 15:10 CAT
Repeat: Monday - Friday @ 05:40 & 12:15 CAT
Weekends @ 07:35 & 18:30 CAT

Nothing is normal about the Wattersons - their son, Gumball, is a cat and his best friend, Darwin, is a fish who grew legs and became a member of the family!

This month, Gumball, Darwin and Anais battle to unravel the secrets of their new virtual reality game after Gumball is given a cursed video console…Gumball fans can also watch in hysterics as Gumball and Darwin attempt to create a fake friend, ‘Muriel’, for lonely Grandpa Louie, but trouble soon boils when Granny Jojo fnds out that Louie has been speaking to another mystery ‘woman’! How will Gumball and Darwin get out of this one?

Tune-in: Monday - Friday @ 17:05 CAT
Repeat: Monday - Friday@ 07:10, 11:05, 19:40 CAT
Weekends @ 06:00, 10:20 & 14:34 CAT

Jestro and the Cloud of Chaos try to distroy Knight on once and for all. Will they succeed?

This season on Nexo Knights, Jestro and the Cloud of Chaos move across the land bringing stone to life and forcing the Nexo-Knights to fght them over possession of the Forbidden Powers. Jestro and Monstrux, and their army of stone, will attempt to gather all the Forbidden Powers and try to bring the Stone Colossus to life. Will Monstrux succeed in his quest to totally destroy Knighton? Peace, it seems, has again come to Knighton, but once the Nexo Knights fnally realise the dire threat they face, they rise to fght for their realm once more. As Clay turns to stone, he realises he must train one of the other Knights to take his place. Who will it be?

Tune-in: Saturday 27/05/2017 @ 13:25 CAT

Friday, 3 March 2017

Catch More Brand New Episodes Of Everyone's Favourite Crime Fighters The Powerpuff Girls And Nate In YoKai Watch In April 2017 Plus This Easter Cartoon Network Has Jam-Packed Episodes Of Your Favourite Shows

Only Blossom, Bubbles & Buttercup, three little girls with extraordinary super powers, can keep the bad guys at bay.

They’re cute, they’re ferce, they’re sisters. Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are the protectors of Townsville, a bustling metropolis where monsters and bad guys are never far away. In the new episodes, Buttercup will meet an old woman who claims she used to be a superhero, Mojo will enjoy his favorite pastime (ruining everyone else’s holidays) and Bubbles will get the lead role in the school play, leaving Blossom incredibly jealous.

Tune-In: Weekends @ 17:20 CAT
Repeat: Monday - Friday @ 08:45 & 20:00 CAT
Weekends @ 06:25 CAT

Nate and his Magical Yo-Kai Watch is back on Cartoon Network this month with all new Yo-Kai busting fun and adventure!

Nate is the proud owner of a magical Yo-Kai Watch that allows him to see ghost-like creatures called Yokais which terrorise oblivious humans. But with this watch, Nate has a big responsibility - he has to befriend these Yokais and convince them to stop pestering the people. Tune-in this month and watch as Nate and his friend prepare themselves for Halloween, only to discover that his mother has turned into a vampire-like creature! Will Nate manage to rid his mother of the Yo-Kai responsible? Tune-in to find out!

Tune-in: Monday - Friday @ 18:05 CAT
Repeat: Monday - Friday @13:50 CAT
Weekends @ 15:45 CAT

Are you going away on an adventure this Easter? Not to worry, Cartoon Network has got you covered!

Easter is around the corner and Cartoon Network is gearing up for the holidays! All your favourite modern heroes are teaming up together to combat the dull, beat boredom and fght the holiday blues with more action-packed wonder at the click of a button. Tune-in to Cartoon Network and join your favourite characters from Adventure Time, Regular Show, Powerpuf Girls, Ben 10 and more, for a series of special videogame-themed episodes that will transport and submerge you into another world full of excitement, fun and adventure!

Tune-in: Saturday 15/04/2017 @ 08:20 CAT
Sunday 16/04/2017 @ 08:20 CAT

Friday, 27 January 2017

Its The Moment We've All Been Waiting For Just As The Shorts Launched The The Full-Length Series Of Mighty Magiswords Premieres In March 2017 On Cartoon Network Africa Along With Brand New Episodes Of Ben 10 And We Bare Bears

We hope you liked the Magiswords shorts because Cartoon Network is about to launch the show, with full 11 minute episodes!

The series is about Vambre and Prohyas, a brother-sister sibling team of “Warriors for Hire” who go on a series of hilarious adventures and crazy quests around the world to find and collect magical swords. Each adventure is different and the two never know what to expect and what they will encounter – what will it be? Giant pigs, giant spiders or giant ancient dinosaurs? Tune-in to find out!

Premiere: Monday 13/03/2017
Tune-in: Monday - Friday @ 17:05 CAT
Repeat: Weekends @ 08:20

BEN 10
Ten new Ben 10 episodes are coming to Cartoon Network in March 2017.

While on a seemingly endless summer vacation with his Grandpa Max, Cousin Gwen and Ben Tennyson discovers an alien watch – the Omnitrix. This amazing device gives Ben the ability to transform into any one of ten spectacular and powerful aliens! In March 2017, the kid hero goes on all new adventures! Between babysitting a brat with his own set of superpowers, uncovering a vampire (who happens to be Gwen’s crush) and becoming the star of his own show, Ben will have a lot on his plate! But he can always count on his family – and alien abilities – to help!

Premiere: Monday 27/03/2017
Tune-in: Monday - Friday @ 15:10 CAT
Repeat: Weekends @ 07:35

With a selfie here, a couple of online dates, a tag and a share on social media there, being a bear in this world is certainly not easy.

This season, we are taken back to when the brothers were little bear cubs – naturally because it is Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear, we all know what happens whenever the bears are together (HAVOC), even when the little ones are on a plane on their way to Sweden! Viewers can also look forward to watching an amazing music video compilation of the bears, uploaded by the bears! Lastly, tune-in and watch as the bears split up in order to protect Big Foot, a.k.a. their annoying neighbour and friend Charlie, from being discovered – will they succeed in keeping Charlie a secret?

Premiere: Monday 06/03/2017
Tune-in: Monday - Friday @ 18:30 CAT
Repeat: Weekends @ 08:45

Monday, 19 December 2016

A Brand New Film Lego Batman Movie: DC Super Heroes Unite Flies To Cartoon Network Africa In February 2017 With Brand New Episodes Of Everyone's Favourite Groundkeepers Mordecai And Rigby Are Back With Nate And The Rest Of The Yokai

Mordecai and Rigby, two of the laziest park keepers in the world, are back this month with an all-new season jam-packed with some mischievous fun and adventure!

As part of this brand new season, the characters will find themselves out of place and in an unfamiliar location - in outer space! Tune-in and watch as the dynamo duo try navigate their way through space, confronting ‘cool Bro-Bots’ one after the other, or see how the two goofs attempt to repair a Dome whilst trying to fulfil their desires for a pair of new shoes, and lastly, re-capture something they may have lost. What could it be?

Premiere Date: Monday 06/02/2017
Tune-In: Monday - Friday @ 17:20 CAT
Repeat: Monday - Friday @ 05:40 & 15:20 CAT
Weekends @ 05:40, 12:45, 15:05 & 17:50 CAT

Ah Yo-kai Watch is back, and as usual Nate is seeing colourful, invisible monsters all around him thanks to his magical Yo-kai Watch which he received from the Yokai Whisperer!

Giant Naturally it has become Nate’s task to solve the mystery and fix the various problems caused by these invisible little terrorists by finding and befriending one Yo-kai to the next! This month, viewers can look forward to seeing their favourite Yo-kai warrior embark on an adventure in search of the new model of the Yo-kai watch – curious as to how the new Zero watch model works, then tune-in to find out!

Premiere Date: Monday 13/02/2017
Tune-in: Monday - Friday @ 18:05 CAT
Repeat: Monday - Friday @ 13:50 CAT
Weekends @ 08:45, 13:30, 15:50 CAT

Wait …what’s that in the sky…is that a bat-signal? Yes, that’s right kids, you guessed it, Batman is coming to your screens this month!

To celebrate the famous super hero and his comrades from the DC comic universe, Cartoon Network is bringing a SUPER surprise to the channel where real Batman fans can look forward to a special screening of a new Lego Batman movie. Fans can watch in excitement as Batman teams up with the Justice League in order to stop the alliance between the super evil Joker and Lex Luthor. Will the heroes prevail?

Premiere Date: Saturday 18/02/2017
Tune-in: Saturday 18/02/2017
Repeat: Saturday @ 09:10 CAT

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Cartoon Network Africa Is Celebrating The Launch Of Mighty Magiswords That They Are Giving Viewers An Exclusive Sneak Peek Of The Show With Shorts Airing Weekends, While The Full-Length Series Is Scheduled To Launch In March 2017 Plus Your Favourite Crime Fighting Heroes Of Townsville And Clarence Take Centre Stage In January 2017

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are back to save the world … before bedtime!

Only Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup – three little girls with extraordinary superpowers – can keep the bad guys at bay. This January, brand new episodes of the Powerpuff Girls will launch on Cartoon Network. Make sure to tune in on Saturday the 28th to explore your PowFactor: the special ingredient inside each of us that demonstrates our ability to impact the world. It’s all about empower-ment with the three enduring sisters. You can also celebrate the superhero sisters with an eight episode marathon, as well as discover your PowFactor on

Tune-In: Monday - Friday @ 15:00 CAT
Repeat: Monday - Friday @ 05:25 & 19:40 CAT
Weekends @ 05:15, 10:45 & 17:30 CAT
PowFactor Marathon: Saturday 28th @  10:40 CAT

A high-adventured fantasy-comedy is invading Cartoon Network in March: get a sneak peak in January 2017 with all new shorts.

Giant pigs, giant spiders, or giant ancient dinosaurs, Prohyas and Vambre, a sibling team of ‘Warriors for Hire’, can handle whatever crazy giant quest or hilarious adventure you throw at them, but not without their trusted collection of Magiswords. Magiswords are perfect for whatever weird thing you need whenever you need it. Before premiering the exiciting new series in March, Cartoon Network will unveil a four part prequel of five minute shorts, introducing the Mighty Magiswords universe.

Premiere Date: Saturday 21/01/2017
Tune-in: Weekends @ 09:55 CAT
Repeat: Weekends @ 15:15 & 19:00 CAT
Format: 4x5 minutes shorts

It’s time for Clarence!

This month, Cartoon Network fans can watch in anticipation as Clarence and his classmates deal with their individual trials during a school day such as getting Mrs. Baker back to the classroom where she belongs. Viewers can also witness Clarence trying sit around and do nothing after feeling very burnt out by embarking on too many fun adventures, or even find out how Clarence manages to spark a strange telephonic friendship after finally dialling the ‘right’ number to prank. Can Clarence just sit back and relax? Will this long distance phone friend last?

Premiere Date: Saturday 14/01/2017
Tune-in: Weekends @ 18:40 CAT
Repeat: Monday to Friday @ 20:50 CAT

Friday, 28 October 2016

Ben Is Back On Cartoon Network Africa With More Brand New Episodes Plus Everyone's Favourite Teen Crime Fighters Are Also Back Along With Special Mini Series Starring The Powerpuff Girls And Watch As Cartoon Network Highlights The Best Shows Of 2016 From December 2016

BEN 10
Yes, Ben 10 is BACK with new comedic adventures!

Join ten-year-old Ben Tennyson, on his hilarious journey of self-discovery on Cartoon Network this month. Don’t miss the new episodes for more alien-action, crime-fighting, villain-busting fun! Watch in awe as Ben’s mysterious Omnitrix malfunctions, firing out a mishmash of aliens, or find out how Gwen and Ben’s trip to Niagara Falls is interrupted by menacing creatures or what treasure Ben finds buried below in the national park. Don’t miss a single episode, who knows, you may just uncover and meet a brand new alien.

Tune-in : Monday - Friday @ 17:05 CAT
Repeat : Monday - Friday @ 07:25 & 12:15 CAT
Weekends @ 11:50 & 15:45 CAT

Capes on, capes of…yes, your favourite unconventional, mischievous teen heroes are back with more hilarious super-packed, superhero fun and adventure!

December is Teen Titans’ month on Cartoon Network. Not only will you enjoy all new episodes of the young heroe’s adventures, in which the team start speaking Pig Latin to prevent Robin from eavesdropping, or discover the magic of ‘fan strength’ thanks to their #1 fan, Wally T. But a mini-series special, ‘The Island’, will be airing for the holidays. And that’s not all. The Titans will be meeting another superhero team this month: the Powerpuff Girls are coming to the Titans’ tower!

Tune-in : Monday - Friday @ 16:10 CAT
Summer of Titans: Friday 16/12/2016 ‘The Island’ mini series (5 eps x 11 min) @ 08:20 CAT
Saturday 31/12/2016 Teen Titans/PPG Crossover + marathon @ 09:10 CAT

BEST OF 2016
‘Tis the season to be jolly this December, and with this being said, Cartoon Network would like to share the Christmas love and holiday cheer on DStv.

Rediscover all your favourites such as Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, The Regular Show, We Bare Bears, Ben 10 and The Powerpuf Girls as Cartoon Network airs its most memorable and iconic shows. All Cartoon Network fans are invited to vote on for their BEST show of 2016, as well as other fun categories such as favourite cartoon character and ‘best haircut’. With so many cool shows and characters to choose from, what and who will come out tops.

Tune-in : Sunday 25/12/2016 from 11:50 CAT
Repeat: Monday 26/12/2016 from 17:40 CAT