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Friday, 2 March 2018

Glow TV Stops Airing On DStv

Glow TV’s contract with MultiChoice is coming to an end, which means the channel will stop airing on DStv from 31 March 2018.

Fans of Indian-specific content needn’t worry – DStv has ensured that there are plenty more telenovelas, talk shows, music and movies to watch on Zee World (DStv channel 166), Zee Bollywood Movies (DStv channel 114) and eBella (DStv channel 159 from 5 March 2018).

Customers can look forward to Baar Baar Dekho, Dangal, Kahaani 2 and London Dreams on Zee Bollywood Movies, Fire and Ice, Sacred Ties, Lies of the Heart on Zee World and Bin Kuch Kahe, Qubool Hai, India: A Love Story, Fatmagul and Tanto Amor on eBella. And on Telemundo Prisoners of Love (Telemundo, 1 March) and Lord of the Skies (Telemundo, 9 April).

Other channels on DStv that also offer Indian specific content include Zee World on DStv channel 166 – it’s available to customers from DStv Family upwards. All DStv customers also have access to some of the latest Bollywood blockbusters on BoxOffice.

DStv offers a DStv Indian package which is designed to cater for customers who would like to watch more Indian-specific content. This package includes popular channels like Star, Sony, Zee and Colours. It is available as a stand-alone package or can be added to an existing DStv package. More information here:

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

A Brand New Telenovela Is Replacing The Son I Never Knew, Dangerous Affairs Premieres Monday 12 June At 17:10 CAT On Telemundo Africa - June 2017 Teasers

Premieres weekdays at 5.10pm from 12 June. Catch-up Sundays at 12.10pm

Monday, 12 June, Everyone is at the beach, celebrating the end of the school year. A group of guys attack Miranda, but Mauricio intervenes just in time.

Tuesday, 13 June, Miranda learns that Mauricio is under age, and 10 years her junior. Nora worries when Sebastian and Rodrigo don’t turn up at the academy.

Wednesday, 14 June, Sebastian confronts Gonzalo about Rodrigo’s death, pressuring him to tell the truth. Mauricio promises Miranda that he will never bother her again.

Thursday, 15 June, Miranda, unable to reveal her relationship with him, feels forced to agree to be Mauricio’s tutor. Leonardo manages to unlock Rodrigo’s phone.

Friday, 16 June, Oliver blackmails Mauricio and Miranda. Sebastian apologises to Gonzalo for suspecting his involvement in Santiago’s death.Teresa looks for Oliver.

Monday, 19 June, The police detain Oliver and take him into custody, which worries Gonzalo. Gonzalo accidentally leaves his phone at Teresa’s house.

Tuesday, 20 June, Oliver calls Mauricio and offers him a deal. Mauricio turns up at the restaurant where Miranda and Juan Pablo are.

Wednesday, 21 June, Miranda receives an anonymous message, and believes Mauricio sent it. Patty tells her that Juan Pablo has been receiving similar messages.

Thursday, 22 June, Mauricio asks Yesenia to help him, and they arrange to meet at the park. Miranda listens to their conversation. Cassius accuses Ana of racism.

Friday, 23 June, Jaime threatens Juan Pablo, telling him to give himself up to the police. Yesenia visits her brother in jail and talks to him about Mauricio.

Monday, 26 June, Juan Pablo forces Leonardo to tell him about the bet they made at the academy. Miranda confronts Mauricio for sending her anonymous messages.

Tuesday, 27 June, Oliver calls Mauricio from jail, pressuring him to get him more money. Leonardoand Gonzalo are suspended from the academy for two days.

Wednesday, 28 June, Mauricio tells the rest of the gang that he won the bet, and shows them a photo. Santiago and Juan Pablo are worried that Miranda will be fired.

Thursday, 29 June, Mauricio receives a new threat from Oliver. Miranda tells Teresa she wants to resign as Mauricio’s tutor, but Teresa doesn’t accept her resignation.

Friday, 30 June, Cassius tells Sofia not to provoke Gonzalo or Leonardo. Leonardo tells Gonzalo that his father gave him $10 million to invest in a business venture.

We Welcome Back For A Third Time On Telemundo Africa, The Popular Telenovela My Heart Beats For Lola Weekdays From Monday 26 June At 16:20 CAT - June 2016 Teasers

Premieres weekdays at 4.20pm from 26 June. Catch-up Saturdays at 12.10pm

Monday, 26 June, In the small hours of the morning, Andrés Suarez and Lola Volcán elope.They are on their way to Las Vegas to get married.

Tuesday, 27 June, Andrés tries to talk to Lola but she does not want to talk to him. Lola talks to Rodrigo and explains what happened with Andrés.

Wednesday, 28 June, Débora informs her entire family that Andrés is cancelling their wedding because he found Lola again. Andrés has a confrontation with Marcelo.

Thursday, 29 June, Malote tries to hurt Chabela but she defends herself and throws him to the floor.Rodrigo Suarez arrives at Lola’s trailer and sees Laura there.

Friday, 30 June, Lola tells Camilo she has a bad feeling about Andrés’s trip to New York. Diógenes opens his heart to Chabela, revealing that he is in love with Lola.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Iron Rose Premieres Monday 1 May At 18:00 CAT On Telemundo Africa

Premieres weekdays at 6pm. Catch-up Saturdays at 4.20pm.

Monday, 1 May, Altagracia Sandoval is a ruthless and ambitious woman with a traumatic past, who is obsessed with finding the men who hurt her.

Tuesday, 2 May, Saul confronts Altagracia at Felipe’s birthday party and demands the release of his father.Monica arrives to Jaime’s neighbourhood with her father.

Wednesday, 3 May, There is an attack in the neighbourhood at night by a group of hooded people sent by Altagracia. Lazaro is wounded badly.

Thursday, 4 May, Monica, Lazaro and Saul are at the hospital, but refuse to treat Lazaro. Jorge informs Saul of suspicious activity at the construction site.

Friday, 5 May, Yesenia shows up at the neighbourhood and meets Monica and a very nervous Lazaro. The Madame asks Saul to meet her in her farmhouse.

Monday, 8 May, Saul tries to prevent Jaime from being transferred to a dangerous prison, before receiving news that The Madame has dropped the charges against him.

Tuesday, 9 May, Gabino tells Monica he is going to help her in his own way. Altagracia talks with Margarita at the hospital and finally obtains the name of her enemy.

Wednesday, 10 May, Altagracia promises Margarita she will make Miguel Preciado pay for his crimes. Monica tells Gabino she is not interested in having a suitor.

Thursday, 11 May, Miguel is fascinated with Altagracia’s beauty. Altagracia lies to him, saying she is seeking a partnership, and leaves without telling him who she is.

Friday, 12 May, Saul sees a woman trying to drown herself in the ocean and saves her. Altagracia orders Braulio to bring Miguel Preciado to the capital.

Monday, 15 May, Ximena comes down to the construction company to confront Altagracia, who manipulates her and offers her a job at one of her oces in Europe.

Tuesday, 16 May, Azucena and Jaime discover that Ximena is gone and find a note that she left. They call Saul, who is with Monica, and read the note to him.

Wednesday, 17 May, Monica follows Saul when he enters the construction company, and introduces herself to the Madame as a friend of Saul’s.

Thursday, 18 May, Monica finds out that Gabino threatened the delegation employee and confronts him. He apologises, inviting her to a bar with his friends.

Friday, 19 May, Regina finds Felipe wounded, and finds out that he tried to rape Altagracia. Altagracia asks to have him removed from the house.

Monday, 22 May, Saul is in serious condition on the operation table. Altagracia threatens Felipe, telling him that from now on he will do whatever she says.

Tuesday, 23 May, Valeria apologises to her son and asks him if his father has ever been violent with him. At the oce, Valeria rejects Lopecito.

Wednesday, 24 May, Altagracia feels upset and nauseous for killing Miguel, and Monica helps her out. Saul is released from the hospital.

Thursday, 25 May, Jaime, Azucena, Margarita and the detective try to find Saul. Monica notices the Madame didn’t go to work and Saul didn’t come back from the hospital.

Friday, 26 May, Regina offers to help Felipe. Yesenia warns Saul to stay away from Altagracia, and then admits to Lazaro that Altagracia’s men beat her up.

Monday, 29 May, Saul tells Altagracia that he is the main suspect in Miguel Preciado’s murder case, but that he will make sure to find the person who killed him.

Tuesday, 30 May, The police arrive at Felipe’s apartment and knock the door down. Felipe is horrified. Regina offers to pay for Lazaro’s medical bills.

Wednesday, 31 May, Yesenia and Regina visit Altagracia to talk to her about her daughter. Saul and Lopecito review videos and see Altagracia with Miguel Preciado.

Friday, 20 January 2017

The Reyes Brothers (Gavilanes) Premieres Monday 27 March 2017 At 18:00 CAT On Telemundo Africa

Juan Reyes (Rodolfo Sancho) is in charge of a family made up of his three younger siblings —Oscar (Roger Berruezo), Frank (Alejandro Albarracin) and Lidia (Miriam Giovanelli)—. Their parents died a long time ago, and Juan has always taken care of his brothers and his sister in an unselfish and, sometimes, obsessive manner that leads him to quarrel with his two brothers.
However, it is different with Lidia. She is the little girl, the apple of their eyes, and the only one who will not challenge Juan's authority or betray his confidence. Everything changes when Lidia tells them that she has fallen in love. The chosen one is Bernardo Elizondo (Roberto Alvarez), a powerful businessman devoted to manufacturing olive oil, thirty years older than Lidia, married and with three daughters —Norma (Claudia Bassols), Sara (Diana Palazon) and Lucia (Alicia Sanz).
The situation of the Elizondo family is difficult. While Bernardo enjoys his love story with Lidia, he finds out that his son-in-law-to-be —Fernando (Fernando Andina), Commercial Manager of his company— is not who he says he is and acts behind his back. Elizondo threatens to denounce him and call the police if he does not disappear from their lives. On the same day Juan would ask Bernardo to leave her sister alone, a car crashes against the vehicle on which Bernardo and Lidia were traveling and makes it lose control. Both of them die in the accident. After the investigation, the police close the case because they conclude it was not caused on purpose and the couple died in an unfortunate accident.
The closing of the investigation and the suspicious that Lidia might have been murdered made Juan go to the Elizondo's country house to find out the truth. There, he meets Eva (Marta Calvo), housekeeper of the house who is convinced that Sofia —with whom she has old quarrels— might have ordered someone to murder her husband and decides to help Juan. In order to do so, Eva manages to get Juan and his brothers hired in the country house. Since then, they will be part of the Elizondo family. Juan will be in charge of maintenance on command of Norma; Oscar will have a job at the spa hotel Sara is building inside the country house; and Frank will be in permanent contact with Lucia thanks to his job at the warehouse.
Little by little, the Reyes brothers will alter the lives of Norma, Sara and Lucia. Meanwhile, they try to hide the real reason that they are in the country house. They will discover that Bernardo Elizondo had more enemies than his own family would have thought, and they will try to solve the puzzle that will let them discover the real nature of Lidia's and Bernardo Elizondo's relationship.

Premieres 27th of March 2017 at 18:00pm

Monday, 19 December 2016

The Son I Never Knew Premieres Monday 23 January At 17:10 CAT On Telemundo Africa

Clara’s last words she uttered to her son Ignacio before he parted were “don’t be late”. The next time she would hear about him would be with the news of his death in a car accident during a live broadcast, which she narrated herself on the morning news. Her perfect life was falling apart right in front of her eyes. This time, she was the news story. Clara and her husband Santiago, a renowned attorney, happily watched their son Ignacio, as well as their two daughters, Isabel and Florencia, grow up. But from that moment on, nothing would ever be like it was before, especially after learning that the death of their first born son was not an accident.
The well-known reporter begins a journey to discover her son’s parallel life, with an obsession over finding his killer. Santiago becomes the lawyer in the criminal case, and Officer Antonio Avelica begins to question everything and everyone, staggering almost everybody’s alibi. What Clara never imagined was that her search would lead her to learn the true identities of those who surround her. Unexpected secrets will emerge, and the possible suspects will multiply in this tragic murder case in which anybody could be guilty.
Gaby de la Garza
Ruben Zamora
Mario Cimarro
Premiere: 23rd of January 2017
Episodes: 100x60
Slot Time: 17:10pm

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Telemundo Africa Telenovelas For The Years

Precious Rose
My Heart Beats for Lola
Behind Closed Doors
The Del Monte Dynasty

Forbidden Passion
Labour of Love
Queen of the South
Elena's Ghost
Someone's Watching
Fearless Heart
Broken Angel
Where is Elisa?

The Impostor
Queen of Hearts
Part Of Me
Husband for Hire
For Love and Justice
The Face of Destiny

Under The Same Sky
A Passion For Revenge
If Only I Were You
All Roads Lead To Love
Woman of Steel
Manuel and Silvana
Maid in Manhattan

The Son I Never Knew
Love And Betrayal
Iron Rose
Dangerous Affairs
The Price Of Fame
The Fan
The Queen Of Miami

Prisoners Of Love
Lord Of The Skies
The Boss
Blood And Wine

Friday, 14 October 2016

Armando And Marlene Got Married, Betty Gave Birth To A Baby Girl And Eva Starts Her New Business In All Roads Lead To Love - November 2016 Teasers

Premieres weekdays at 5.10pm. Catch-up Sundays at 12.10pm

Tuesday, 1 November, Pablo decides not to let Eva know what Evencio has remembered, but Eva realises that Pablo is hiding something from her. Camila looks for a job.

Wednesday, 2 November, Eva complains to Pablo for not telling her what he knew, and they break up. Adriana is left in shock by what she overhears. Armando gets married.

Thursday, 3 November, Betty tells Marisol she will do anything to have Pablo. Marlene tells her brother that she will ruin Armando. Adriana and Camila make up.

Friday, 4 November, Eva’s new business gets of to a healthy start. Pablo tries to reconcile with Eva, but Betty interrupts them. Pablo warns her not to interfere.

Monday, 7 November, Soraya manages to turn the tables on Cynthia. Adriana worries that her drug abuse may have repercussions for her baby. Eva doesn’t want to see Pablo.

Tuesday, 8 November, Martin and Federica set out to prove that Federica’s son was murdered. Reynaldo tells Marlene he will make her pay for all the pain she caused him.

Wednesday, 9 November, Adriana suspects that Octavio is still selling drugs. Soraya’s memory returns. Pablo sees Eva with Armando, and argues with her about it.

Thursday, 10 November, Eva warns Pablo to stay away from her. Soraya says she doesn’t want to live without Pancho. Adriana’s pregnancy is threatened, and Eva is alarmed.

Friday, 11 November, Adriana doesn’t tell Eva what happened. Armando wants to get back with Eva. Esteban finds Soraya unconscious. Eva argues with Pablo and Armando.

Monday, 14 November, Reynaldo wants to team up with Eva as they have enemies in common. Pablo tells Martin they will take Reynaldo’s case, but only because of Federica.

Tuesday, 15 November, Andy attempts to force himself on Camila, but she threatens to kill him. Eva encourages Soraya to learn to live without Pancho.
Wednesday, 16 November, Soraya tells Pablo what she has recalled. Luis speaks to the company’s staf. Marlene orders Andy to take revenge on the clients who left with Eva.

Thursday, 17 November, J.J. makes Marisol angry when he explains that he cannot be intimate with her. Pablo warns Eva about her revenge getting out of control.

Friday, 18 November, Enrique and Evencio are attacked, and the trailer and the merchandise destroyed. Andy calls Camila to ask for forgiveness, and invites her to dinner.

Monday, 21 November, Armando offers the clients a deal to persuade them to keep working with Eva. Adriana suspects that Antonio is actually Andy. Pablo and Eva reconcile.

Tuesday, 22 November, Betty is on the danger list at the hospital. Marisol sets a trap on Octavio. He is captured by the police, but swears that he will get revenge.

Wednesday, 23 November, Betty demands that Pablo marry her - or she will not have the Cesarean. Camila struggles to understand the truth about Antonio and Andy.

Thursday, 24 November, Camila vows that she will get revenge. Eva is heartbroken when Pablo is forced into marrying Betty at the hospital. Betty gives birth to a daughter.

Friday, 25 November, Eva sees Betty at the hospital, and makes it clear to her that she will have nothing more to do with Pablo. Rebeca plots revenge against the Furias.

Monday, 28 November, Rebeca's attempt to kill Virginia goes awry, and leaves a guilt-stricken Eva planning revenge. Pablo realises that Betty needs a kidney transplant.

Tuesday, 29 November, Bobby convinces Adriana to marry him, Mon Sol´s workers find out that the company may be broke, and Pablo volunteers as a kidney donor for Betty.

Wednesday, 30 November, Marlene and Rebeca join forces against Eva and her friends, while Pablo and JJ locate the documents that will help Federica to recover her fortune.

Indio And Empanada Are Out Of Jail, Aracley Helps Plot Felipe's Downfall While The DEA Are On Sara's Case In Women Of Steel - November 2016 Teasers

Never Underestimate Her
Premieres weekdays at 8.30pm. Catch-up Saturdays & Sundays from 8.30pm

Tuesday, 1 November, Indio coerces Felipe into having Sara transferred to the Guadalajara penitentiary. Miriam and Joaquin hire someone to help them cross the border.

Wednesday, 2 November, The DEA plots to capture Indio, who hires a hitman to get rid of Eliodoro. Miriam and Joaquin cross the border, hiding in the back of a truck.

Thursday, 3 November, Eliodoro tells Salvador the truth - but only part of it - about Sara. Miriam finally meets Pepito. Indio ofers a reward for turning Quintanilla in.

Friday, 4 November, Sara asks Eliodoro to send the bone found on the prison sewer for analysis. Eliodoro has to tell Sara that Quintanilla is no longer protecting them.

Monday, 7 November, Eliodoro forces an incriminating confession from Cortes. Quintanilla tells Sara that she and Eliodoro are alone, and can no longer count on him.

Tuesday, 8 November, Sara and Edith corner Crucecita and force her to confess to Enriqueta’s murder. Indio gets Empanada out of jail because he needs him for a job.

Wednesday, 9 November, Indio plans for Empanada to kill Eliodoro and frame Sara for the murder. Eliodoro convinces Sara to call Quintanilla and ask him for another chance.

Thursday, 10 November, Sara learns that the beauty shop has been seized by the DEA. Don Teca makes Sara an offer. Empanada and Eliodoro have a fatal confrontation.

Friday, 11 November, Indio Amaro sends Sara a grim message. Sara swears that she will make Indio pay for what he did. Marcelo plants a microphone in the beauty shop.

Monday, 14 November, The DEA and the police arrive at Sara’s house to arrest her, but she manages to escape. Edith tells Marcelo she doesn´t believe Sara killed Eliodoro.

Tuesday, 15 November, Don Teca is furious to learn that Sara has got away. Edith starts working at the beauty shop as an undercover agent in order to learn where Sara is.

Wednesday, 16 November, Sara and her family escape from Indio’s men. Sara asks Don Teca for help - but he demands something in return. News of Indio’s death appears on TV.

Thursday, 17 November, Sara is attacked, but a hotel employee comes to her rescue. Indio tells Felipe he will remove his financial support for the Governor’s campaign.

Friday, 18 November, Sara ofers Montero a deal, and he tells her she must stay with him in Colombia to earn his trust and ensure that she will pay him back his money.

Monday, 21 November, Sara confesses to her friends that Salvador’s death was faked to save his life. Indio tells Don Teca that Tamara is an undercover agent for the DEA.

Tuesday, 22 November, Felipe tells Sara that Indio kidnapped his son, and that is why he needs three million dollars. Manuel comes to the beauty shop looking for Sara.

Wednesday, 23 November, Indio calls Sara and tells her he knows Salvador is alive. Quintanilla wants Sara to work with him again, but she says she is loyal to Don Teca now.

Thursday, 24 November, Sara asks Manuel to spy on the DEA, and ofers Quintanilla a deal to seal their truce. Aracely wants Sara to let her help plot Felipe’s downfall.

Friday, 25 November, Sara offers to help make sure that Felipe doesn’t win the election. Araceli seduces Felipe. Indio Amaro finally finds Salvador, who recognises him.

Monday, 28 November, Indio Amaro threatens Salvador. Sara takes the video of Felipe to Alvaro Barba in order to win the election and ruin Felipe’s political career.

Tuesday, 29 November, Quintanilla gives Sara proof of his loyalty. Manuel finds out that Indio Amaro killed Carlota. Sara confesses to Manuel that she loves him.

Wednesday, 30 November, Sara asks Quintanilla to get rid of Felipe. Cornelia tells Don Teca that Sara is the one who is stealing from him. The DEA prepares to trap Sara.

The Romance Heats Up In Manuel And Silvana - November 2016 Teasers

Premieres weekdays at 6pm. Catch-up Saturdays at 4.20pm

Tuesday, 1 November, Manuel visits Silvana and asks her what would happen if her husband reappeared on the scene.

Wednesday, 2 November, Silvana confesses to Manuel that although she does have feelings for him, she is not ready to act on them.

Thursday, 3 November, Manuel tells Stella that he no longer feels anything for her, and has therefore decided to end the relationship.

Friday, 4 November, Manuel tells Silvana that things cannot continue as they are, and explains that she is the reason why he ended his relationship with Stella.

Monday, 7 November, Silvana is not very pleased when Stella phones her at 3am in order to inform her that she was the one who vandalised her car.

Tuesday, 8 November, Silvana goes to see Manuel to tell him that they are not going to move. As they embrace, Lucha arrives and stares at them in disapproval.

Wednesday, 9 November, After receiving the letter from her husband, Silvana looks to Manuel for support - and they finally kiss.

Thursday, 10 November, Silvana talks to Angie, and her daughter tells her how proud she is of her, and how grateful she is for everything she has done for them.

Friday, 11 November, Majo reminds her mother that it is her duty to return to her father, and the argument goes out of control.

Monday, 14 November, Stella continues with her plan to make Manuel jealous, and gets Poncho to propose to her in front of everyone at work.

Tuesday, 15 November, Silvana receives a visit from the police. They ask her questions about her husband’s whereabouts, but she withholds the truth from them.

Wednesday, 16 November, Antonio Jose shows up and surprises Silvana and tries to explain to her what happened, but an angry Silvana wants nothing more to do with him.

Thursday, 17 November, After a very uncomfortable encounter with Antonio Jose, things get even worse for Silvana when she finds Stella and Manuel kissing in his car.

Friday, 18 November, Stella prepares to marry Poncho - but at the last minute she panics and runs away, leaving Poncho at the altar.

Monday, 21 November, Dominique catches up with a tearful Stella and takes her home. Benito declares his love to Trini. A jealous Jorge asks Margarita to be his girlfriend.

Tuesday, 22 November, Silvana's friend Cata arrives and starts flirting with Manuel. Dominique convinces Manuel to talk to Stella and help her out of her depression.

Wednesday, 23 November, Manuel makes Silvana fall in love with him more by just being himself. Stella refuses to come out from her room unless Manuel returns to her.

Thursday, 24 November, Silvana meets with Antonio Jose and tells him what she has decided. Stella pushes Manuel to confess to her that he is in love with Silvana.

Friday, 25 November, The police are looking for Antonio Jose, and they warn Silvana against withholding information from them. Silvana tells her mother about her decision.

Monday, 28 November, Silvana tells her familly that she has taken the decision to divorce Antonio Jose - but Maria Jose does not react well to this news.

Tuesday, 29 November, Now Silvana has made her decision, Manuel is eager to start building a new life with her, and for them to make plans together as a couple.

Wednesday, 30 November, Maria Jose walks into Manuel’s office and catches him and her mother together, embacing and kissing.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Maid In Manhattan Arrives Exclusively On Telemundo Africa From 7 November At 16:20 - November 2016 Teasers

Premieres weekdays at 4.20pm from Monday 7 November. Catch-up Saturdays at 12.10pm

Monday, 7 November, During Mexico’s Feast of the Dead celebrations Marisa, a hotelier, witnesses a gangster’s attack on her son’s godfather, who stood up to the criminal.

Tuesday, 8 November, Gangster Miguel dies during a shootout with police, and Victor, the man Marisa loves, is also hit. It is suggested that Marisa should leave town.

Wednesday, 9 November, On the day of her wedding to Victor, Marisa finds him with another woman. She decides to leave Mexico for New York.

Thursday, 10 November, Cristobal’s senator father sufers a heart attack, and suggests his son take his place - but Cristobal has no interest in politics.

Friday, 11 November, Cristobal and Marisa go for a walk in Central Park. Amador asks Alicia why Marisa is not in contention for the Assistant Manager vacancy.

Monday, 14 November, Mistaken identity leads to an awkward lunch for Cristobal and Sara; he had been expecting Marisa to attend.

Tuesday, 15 November, Cristobal invites Marisa to the benefit gala. Estanislao takes advantage of Esteban’s desperation and ofers him a job.

Wednesday, 16 November, Marisa asks her son to speak to his father, in the hope this can stop him bothering them. Jerome accepts Estanislao’s offer.

Thursday, 17 November, Tito asks the Senator’s security staf to investigate Marisa’s identity, as she meets Cristobal’s parents.

Friday, 18 November, Sara realises Marisa’s identity. Marisa tries to tell Cristobal the truth, but he falls asleep. Belinda secretly works to thwart Hugo’s plans.

Monday, 21 November, Sara tells the police that Marisa stole her clothes and identity. Cristobal talks to Lucas about his feelings for Marisa.

Tuesday, 22 November, Marisa tells Cristobal they must end their relationship as it can never work out well. Sara talks to the press, worrying Senator Tyron.

Wednesday, 23 November, Cristobal and Lucas go undercover in the pharmaceutical corporation. Catalina learns that Marisa has a son.

Thursday, 24 November, Marisa is surprised when Victor and Yaya turn up at her home, and tell her they have come to stay. Cristobal takes steps to buy the hotel.

Friday, 25 November, A visit to Marisa sets Cristobal’s mother’s mind at rest. Bruno, seeking information about Marisa, bumps into Victor and Yaya.

Monday, 28 November, Lalo is not impressed when Victor forces his way into Marisa’s apartment. Cristobal and Marisa pledge their love to one another.

Tuesday, 29 November, Cristobal and Lucas are saved from a beating by the timely arrival of the police. Alicia tells Marisa she can return to work, but is rebufed.

Wednesday, 30 November, Leticia seeks Patricia’s help after being robbed by a man she met in a bar. Cristobal urges Marisa to be brave about their love.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

All Roads Lead Continues On September 2016 - Teasers

Premieres weekdays at 5.10pm. Catch-up Sundays at 12.10pm

Thursday, 1 September, A furious Eva feels betrayed when she learns that Pablo and Betty were lovers. Marlene seduces Armando, and he argues with her about Fabiola.

Friday, 2 September, Eva is sentenced to 25 years in prison, but Pablo swears that he will get her freed. Marlene learns that Betty is pregnant with Pablo’s baby.

Monday, 5 September, Armando tries to humiliate Eva. Soraya fights with Marlene. Adriana sends Bobby a selfie. Bobby asks Robert for money to go to Las Vegas.

Tuesday, 6 September, When he discovers Adriana’s selfie, Andy forces her to leave the hotel. Elsa asks Marlene for money and she o ers her a job.

Wednesday, 7 September, The police ask Evencio to leave Carmen’s house. Pablo refuses to talk to Betty because of what she did to Eva. Andy takes Adriana partying.

Thursday, 8 September, Adriana swallows all of Andy’s pills, Eva tells Emilia to fight for her children, and Pablo stops two homeless men from assaulting Adriana.

Friday, 9 September, Eva prays that Pablo will find Adriana. Pablo reveals to Adriana that Marlene and Armando are lovers. Armando confronts Pablo, and they fight.

Monday, 12 September, Pablo and Martin come up with a plan to invalidate Eva’s trial. Pablo spies on Marisol. JJ asks Marisol if she believes that Eva is innocent.

Tuesday, 13 September, Pablo visits Eva as her lawyer and promises that he will get her freed. Martin and JJ investigate Leila and see a video of her with her lover.

Wednesday, 14 September, Bobby and Adriana kiss, and she says she will get a divorce. Marlene orders Eva´s murder. Betty is upset to learn that Eva’s trial may be reopened.

Thursday, 15 September, After hearing the voice messages on Eva’s phone, the judge reopens the case. Pablo manages to have Eva let out on bail. Betty vows to destroy him.

Friday, 16 September, Soraya and Pablo convince Pancho to give them the money to get Eva out of jail. Camila is sad to hear that Eva is leaving. Andy fights with Bobby.

Monday, 19 September, Robert and Cynthia burn the incriminating video. Pablo proposes to Eva. She ells him they should wait. Betty learns that Pablo got Eva out of jail.

Tuesday, 20 September, Armando holds Marlene responsible for his separation from Eva, and Betty swears to Marisol that Pablo and Eva will not stay together.

Wednesday, 21 September, Betty tells Eva that she is determined to fight for Pablo. Marlene convinces Armando that Eva is trying to take his daughters away.

Thursday, 22 September, Soraya accuses Robert of buying her son, aware that he was a stolen baby. Martin throws Betty out because she didn’t tell him about her pregnancy.

Friday, 23 September, Eva rejects a tearful Armando. Pablo runs into Eva and they make up. He tells Betty he will be responsible for his son, but will not go back to her.

Monday, 26 September, When Viviana gives Armando a favorable diagnosis, Marlene gets upset. She seduces the director of the hospital in order to have Fabiola hospitalised.

Tuesday, 27 September, Viviana tells Eva she couldn’t prevent Fabiola from being taken to the clinic. Eva turns to Pablo for help, but he cannot change the director’s mind.

Wednesday, 28 September, Pablo suspects that Marlene plotted to have Fabiola taken away. Betty is depressed after being rejected by Pablo. Eva confronts Armando and Marlene.

Thursday, 29 September, Evencio learns that Pablo killed Chivo. Eva speaks to Fabiola on the phone. Pablo tells Evencio that Sofia’s and Carmen’s deaths are related.

Friday, 30 September, Adriana learns through Noemi that she may be pregnant. Pablo tells Marcos that what happened to Eva was part of a plan that began with Carmen’s death.

Pedro (Leonardo) Confronts His Mother About Having A Twin Brother And Leonardo (Pedro) Is Tangled In A Lot Of Problems- September 2016 Teasers

Premieres weekdays at 4.20pm. Catch up Saturdays at 12.10pm

Thursday, 1 September, Pedro (Leonardo) begins to recover his memory. Tania tells Paloma she is afraid someone will kill Eugenio. While driving, Elmer is ambushed by gunmen.

Friday, 2 September, Elmer is beaten up, and swears he will get revenge. Nora asks Fernanda if Ignacio is harassing her. Justino tells Paloma to keep away from Pedro.

Monday, 5 September, Elmer tries to find out who arranged his abduction. Ruben tells Fabiola he doesn’t love her. Pedro (Leonardo) starts to remember more of his past.

Tuesday, 6 September, Fabiola makes Humberto suspicious. Connie saves Santiago from being hit by a car. Cachito finds a phone on the street. Ivonne´s name is on the screen.

Wednesday, 7 September, Cachito tells Sara that he found something, but she is not interested. Ignacio confronts Leonardo (Pedro) and tells him he knows the truth about him.

Thursday, 8 September, Ignacio realises he has lost his phone, and is worried about all the personal information stored on it. Fabiola tries to hit Yesenia with her car.

Friday, 9 September, Catchito is still looking at the information stored on Ignacio’s phone. Pedro (Leonardo) tells Sara and Ines he feels confused about his own identity.

Monday, 12 September, Lupita’s memory is jogged when Yesenia describes the car that almost hit her. Pedro wants Elmer to help him think of a way to get rid of Ignacio.

Tuesday, 13 September, Leonardo (Pedro) tells Fernanda that she doesn’t love him any more, and he doesn´t know why. Tania tells Connie that she is back with Eugenio.

Wednesday, 14 September, Paloma asks Eugenio for relationship advice. Fernanda accepts that she is in love with Leonardo. Daniela tells Fernanda she doesn’t trust Ignacio.

Thursday, 15 September, Eugenio asks Paloma what she will do now that Sebastian is back. Renata tries to convince Pedro that he does not have a double.

Friday, 16 September, Basilio hears the recording of the day Ignacio told Pedro that he knew the truth about his identity. Ignacio asks Fabiola if she has another lover.

Monday, 19 September, Pedro (Leonardo) reproaches his mother for not telling him he had a twin, Ignacio is still trying to recover his phone, and Tania confides in Connie.

Tuesday, 20 September, Connie impersonates Tania, Fernanda calls Leonardo (Pedro) and tells him she has important information, and Cachito hides Ignacio’s phone in a piñata.

Wednesday, 21 September, Pedro and Fernanda make love. Ruben tells Lupe that Fabiola is obsessed with him. Paloma lets Sebastian speak with Cachito to learn what he is hiding.

Thursday, 22 September, Fernanda tells Ignacio she knows he is responsible for what happened to her family. Ignacio threatens to harm her if she doesn’t keep this to herself.

Friday, 23 September, Fernanda tells Daniela that Leonardo has an important secret, and Elmer goes to Ignacio’s house in place of Renata and tells him he knows the truth.

Monday, 26 September, Justino and Eugenio fight over Tania, Elmer tells Renata the truth about Pedro and Leonardo, and Santiago is desperate because he can’t find Daniela.

Tuesday, 27 September, Pedro manages to get Ivonne to help him investigate Edgardo Harrington without Ignacio knowing. Magdalena confronts Justino in public at the market.

Wednesday, 28 September, Sebastian goes to kiss Paloma, but Leonardo interrupts. Magdalena threatens Justino with jail. Yesenia finds a picture of Leonardo on Ignacio’s phone.

Thursday, 29 September, Humberto tells Connie he is marrying her mother. Ines speaks with Ignacio about returning the phone, but he has his own way of handling the problem.

Friday, 30 September, Basilio and Pedro plan on finding evidence to expose Ignacio. Paloma o ers to help her father - but only if he turns himself in to the authorities.

Catch The Series Finale Of A Passion For Revenge On Friday 30 September On Telemundo Africa - Teasers

Premieres weekdays at 6pm. Catch up Saturdays at 4.20pm. Series finale 30 September

Thursday, 1 September, Irina reveals to Soledad that she is pregnant, but she has decided not to tell Flavio - yet. Meanwhile, Andrea accepts Samuel’s marriage proposal.
Friday, 2 September, Despite her daughters’ protests, Cayetana insists that she is going to get married to Leonardo - and no one will make her change her mind.
Monday, 5 September, Emilio Valverde goes to visit the man he has kept locked up for years - Jose Antonio Gallardo. He tells Jose Antonio that his daughter is dead.
Tuesday, 6 September, When Veronica goes to the ranch in search of Pablo, she sees a picture of a man, and asks who he is. Soledad reveals that he is Veronica’s father.
Wednesday, 7 September, Don Felipe welcomes Samuel into the family as Andrea’s fiancé. Soledad faints. Jose Ignacio finally manages to turn the tables on his captor.
Thursday, 8 September, Jose Antonio Gallardo escapes. Don Felipe tells his granddaughters that they would stand a better chance of finding happiness if they left the ranch.
Friday, 9 September, Arturo advises Samuel not to sign Valverde’s business plan. Rocio confides in Nieves and tells her that she is pregnant, but the child is not Pablo’s.
Monday, 12 September, Andrea is devastated as Cayetana orders her to hand over the administration of the ranch to Eleazar. Rocio is about to confess the truth to Veronica.
Tuesday, 13 September, Matilde continues to abuse her authority. Cayetana believes Leonardo when he tells his side of the story. Eleazar comes up with a money-making scheme.
Wednesday, 14 September, Emilio finds himself in the middle of a police ambush. Irina informs Flavio that she is pregnant, and apologises for not being honest with him.
Thursday, 15 September, Linda tells Isadora that Emilio is dead. Sofia discovers Leonardo in the cellar with one of the female guests. Isadora shoots and wounds Cabrera.
Friday, 16 September, Jose Antonio asks Soledad why she left him all those years ago, and the truth is at last revealed. Veronica finally gets to meet her father.
Monday, 19 September, Cayetana and Fernandez finally manage to escape from the elevator. Isadora ells Linda that her true objective is to destroy Arturo and Sofia.
Tuesday, 20 September, Isadora encounters Arturo at the hospital and pulls a gun on him. Leonardo tells Fernandez that everything that happened with Sofia was an accident.
Wednesday, 21 September, Irina and Andrea try to obtain evidence against Leonardo. Isadora attempts to kill Arturo and Sofia. Leonardo discovers that Irina is pregnant.
Thursday, 22 September, Sofia and Arturo are finally married. Cayetana gets emotional when she sees Sofia in her wedding gown. Rocio informs her aunt that she is pregnant.
Friday, 23 September, Leonardo is angry with Cayetana for allowing Arturo onto the ranch. Nieves is fired. Veronica tells Ines the identity of the father of Rocio’s child.
Monday, 26 September, Leonardo attempts to rape Irina, but she fights him off. When he claims that the ranch would benefit if he fired the entire sta , Andrea is outraged.

Tuesday, 27 September, Don Felipe confronts Matilde. Cayetana fights with Leonardo. Cabrera and Rocio get engaged, and Felipe threatens Leonardo and Isadora with a gun.
Wednesday, 28 September, Leonardo knocks Don Felipe unconscious and has him committed to the same psychiatric hospital as Juana. Malkovich tells the truth to the authorities.

Thursday, 29 September, Arturo is cornered by Leonardo, Isadora and their men. Cayetana o ers her money and all her possessions to Leonardo if he will let Arturo go.

Friday, 30 September, Believing that he has won, Leonardo confesses to raping Sofia and having Ignacio killed. In a final exchange of gunshots, scores are settled.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Carlos Ponce And Maritza Rodriguez Join Forces In This Gripping New Telenovela Manuel And Silvana - October 2016 Teasers

Premieres weekdays at 6pm from Monday 3 October. Catch-up Saturdays at 4.20pm

Monday, 3 October, When her businessman husband disappears after facing financial ruin, Silvana and her three young daughters must rebuild their lives as best they can.

Tuesday, 4 October, Silvana and her new neighbour, widower Manuel, get off to an awkward start after she wrecks his truck - but his heart softens when he sees her crying.

Wednesday, 5 October, An attraction develops between Silvana and Manuel, despite their differences in social status. Stella responds with a fit of jealous rage.

Thursday, 6 October, Silvana starts her first day of work as a secretary in Rafael’s office. Things do not go well, and her co-workers assume she is Rafael´s new lover.

Friday, 7 October, Rafael conceals his dishonourable intentions toward Silvana. An increasingly jealous Stella confronts Silvana about Manuel and tries to warn her off.

Monday, 10 October, Silvana’ husband calls, without revealing his whereabouts. She berates him for abandoning the family. Manuel steps in to defend Silvana from Rafael.

Tuesday, 11 October, Manuel asks Silvana to come and work with him, while Dominique points out to Stella the advantages of a pregnancy as a way of tying Manuel down.

Wednesday, 12 October, Silvana reacts angrily to Antonio Jose’s latest call. Manuel is concerned that the difference in social status might prove an insurmountable barrier.

Thursday, 13 October, Poncho stokes up Stella’s jealousy by passing on gossip about Silvana and Manuel. Stella is shocked when Manuel introduces Silvana as a new employee.

Friday, 14 October, Stella finds an excuse to stay over at Manuel’s house, and tries to sneak into his room. Manuel asks Silvana if she thinks Stella is the woman for him.

Monday, 17 October, Stella continues with her plan to win over Lucia. Trini reprimands Silvana for getting too close to Manuel, and reminds her that she is married.

Tuesday, 18 October, Silvana suffers the rejection of her former friends when she tries to sell seafood at the golf club. Angie and Jorge confess their love for each other.

Wednesday, 19 October, Silvana and Manuel find it difficult not to act on their mutual attraction, while Poncho continues doing everything possible to make Stella jealous.

Thursday, 20 October, Jorge’s behavior creates a rift between Silvana and Manuel. Poncho’s plot to make Stella jealous backfires when it gives her an excuse to go to Manuel.

Friday, 21 October, Although a waiter stops their first kiss, Silvana admits to Manuel that under different circumstances she would have kissed him.

Monday, 24 October, Pedrito catches Jorge spying on the neighbours and runs to tell his father, not realising that Silvana is with him in the house.

Tuesday, 25 October, Stella lies to Silvana and tells her that she moved in with Manuel because he asked her to do so.

Wednesday, 26 October, Stella visits Silvana and tries to overstate the situation with Manuel’s children hoping to convince Silvana to move elsewhere.

Thursday, 27 October, Silvana falls for Stella's lies and can't hide her jealousy over Manuel.

Friday, 28 October, Manuel and Stella go to a motel to spend the night together, but when Stella starts seducing Manuel he calls out Silvana’s name...

Monday, 31 October, Silvana goes to the Salsodromo looking for Angie but she is surprised instead to find Majo dancing and kissing Vicente.

The Brand New Telenovela Woman Of Steel Continues - October 2016 Teasers

Never Underestimate Her
Premieres weekdays at 8.30pm. Catch-up Saturdays & Sundays from 8.30pm

Monday, 3 October, Gloria calls Aracely to ask for help. Miriam hears Juan and Enriqueta talking and finds out that they are plotting against Sara and Eliodoro.

Tuesday, 4 October, Arnulfo and Juan organise Pepit’s kidnapping, but Rufino foils the attempt. Eliodoro is willing to pay whatever is necessary to save Salvador’s life.

Wednesday, 5 October, Carlota is informed that she is a compatible kidney donor for Salvador. Vanessa tells Eliodoro that she should not be blamed for Angel’s death.

Thursday, 6 October, Indio Amaro pays Cortes a bribe. Rufino tells Eliodoro about the shipments arriving from Colombia, but warns him that it may be a setup by Cortes.

Friday, 7 October, Eliodoro tries negotiating with Quintanilla to sell the drugs. Carlota tells Bertha and Josefina that she wants to be a kidney donor for Salvador.

Monday, 10 October, Eliodoro tells Sara who the drugs were stolen from. Arnulfo has a DNA test done on a piece of gum he got from Pepito to find out if he is his son.

Tuesday, 11 October, Sara tries to sell the drugs to get money for Salvador, and Quintanilla strikes a hard bargain. Miriam tells Rufino that Arnulfo is Pepito´s father.

Wednesday, 12 October, After confronting Lalo and Shayo at the airport, Sara goes to Los Angeles for Salvador’s transplant, knowing she must face Quintanilla afterwards.

Thursday, 13 October, Quintanilla intends to use Sara to smuggle money across the border into the USA. Indio Amaro tells Sara they are planning an attack against Eliodoro.

Friday, 14 October, Sara is arrested before she can smuggle the money across the border. Tuerca and his men follow the truck in which Sara is being taken to prison.

Monday, 17 October, Sara is rescued - and it turns out that her arrest was rigged by Quintanilla as a test. Roberto tells Eliodoro the truth about Angel’s death.

Tuesday, 18 October, Eliodoro tells Sara that Vanesa poisoned his first son, and now she is doing the same thing with Patricia. Quintanilla offers Sara a deal.

Wednesday, 19 October, Sara asks Quintanilla to get rid of Indio Amaro because he wants to kill Eliodoro and Salvador. Empanada pays an inmate to dispose of Enriqueta.

Thursday, 20 October, Quintanilla tells Sara that Indio Amaro did not arrange for her to be killed. Indio Amaro finds Tiburon’s body with a note from Quintanilla.

Friday, 21 October, Indio Amaro buries Tiburon, and confesses to his men that Tiburon was his only son. After getting the whole truth from Juan, Eliodoro disposes of him.

Monday, 24 October, Doctor Fernandez tells Sara that Salvador has died. Eliodoro is attacked in jail. Indio Amaro sends Empanada to make sure Salvador is really dead.

Tuesday, 25 October, Rufino tells Miriam that Juan was murdered in jail. Plutarco takes Aracely to a restaurant. Her ex-boyfriend Martin shows up and causes trouble.

Wednesday, 26 October, Sara feels guilty about leaving her son behind, and is forced to confess to Aracely that Salvador is alive. Quintanilla is pleased with Sara’s work.

Thursday, 27 October, Indio is furious to learn that Sara and Eliodoro were able to cross the border with Quintanilla’s merchandise. Tuercas betrays Quintanilla and Sara.

Friday, 28 October, Sara comes home to tell Salvador she will live with him forever, but she is arrested at the border. Rosalinda tells Felipe she is expecting his baby.

Monday, 31 October, Salvador learns that Sara has been arrested and sentenced to 15 years. Felipe arrives at the penitentiary and asks Sara to turn Quintanilla in.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Woman Of Steel Premieres From 5 September 2016 At 20:30 On Telemundo Africa, Catch Up Weekends At 20:30 - Teasers

Premieres weekdays at 8.30pm from Monday 5 September. Catch-up Saturdays & Sundays from 8.30pm

Monday, 5 September, Sara’s wedding is blighted by violence and tragedy when hit men strike, kidnapping Sara, leaving her father dead and trying to kill her husband. Why?

Tuesday, 6 September, Sara learns that Vicente was involved with drug lords. Felipe demands that Sara tell him what happened to all the money Vicente stole from the cartel.

Wednesday, 7 September, Sara insists that Vicente didn’t leave her any money, but Junio tells her that her husband really did steal the cash. Sara is attacked by Indio’s men.

Thursday, 8 September, Indio Amaro kidnaps Salvador in order to force Sara to give him the money. The doctor says Junio is seriously ill and has only two months to live.

Friday, 9 September, Sara manages to escape by using the Guadalupe Virgin parade as cover, but Capi finds her again and follows her. Indio threatens Junio at the hospital.

Monday, 12 September, Julio finds out about Mariana´s meeting with Indio Amaro. Confronting Mariana, he discovers that she is the person responsible for Vicente’s death.

Tuesday, 13 September, Sara learns that her son is diabetic and requires expensive medical treatment. Junio threatens Mariana and demands money in exchange for his silence.

Wednesday, 14 September, Mariana sets a trap for Junio. Aracely warns Sara that Eliodoro might be a cop. Sara visits Salvador and he tells her where the money is hidden.

Thursday, 15 September, Junio takes Mariana to a warehouse and keeps her there while he decides what to do. Josefina learns from Carlota that Sara is heading for Tijuana.

Friday, 16 September, Sara locates the three million dollars. Felipe orders Esteban to kill Sara and keep the money. Indio Amaro disposes of Esteban and sets Sara up.

Monday, 19 September, Indio Amaro has Sara watched in Guadalajara. Mariana tells him where Junio can be found, while Junio comes up with a plan to get money from Felipe.

Tuesday, 20 September, Indio refuses when Mariana asks him for help. Felipe tells him that Sara killed Esteban so she could keep the three million dollars for herself.

Wednesday, 21 September, Eliodoro tells Sara he believes she is innocent, but says he cannot help her unless she gives him information. Bertha, meanwhile, gets some grim news.

Thursday, 22 September, The lawyer tells Junio there is nothing they can do for Sara because Bertha accused her of murder. Eliodoro learns that Junio is Vicente’s brother.

Friday, 23 September, Felipe and Mariana follow Sara in order to find out where she lives. Mariana attempts to kill Sara but Junio saves her - at the cost of his own life.

Monday, 26 September, Salvador is rushed to the emergency room at the hospital. Eliodoro tells Sara that he knows how to get the money needed to save Salvador’s life.

Tuesday, 27 September, Eliodoro realises that Commander Cortes has his own secret agenda. Sara, Aracely and Miriam learn that Lupita is pregnant - and her life is at risk.

Wednesday, 28 September, Sara discovers that Lupita did not survive the surgery. Empanada tells Sara that Enriqueta will seek revenge - and her target will be Salvador.

Thursday, 29 September, Sara is reunited with Salvador, and Enriqueta is jailed. Eliodoro gives Sara the money he took for Salvador’s surgery, claiming that it’s a bank loan.

Friday, 30 September, Cortes arrests Eliodoro and calls in Internal A airs. From a conversation between Bertha and Felipe, Carlota learns that Sara didn’t shoot Bertha.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Tension Begins To Heat Up In A Passion For Revenge In July 2016 - Telemundo Africa

A Passion For Revenge
Premieres weekdays at 6pm. Catch-up Saturdays at 4.20pm

Friday, 1 July, Eleazar accuses Samuel Gallardo of everything that happened; Samuel denies all the accusations before the press. So Eleazar tries to escape.

Monday, 4 July, The last will and testament of Beatriz is read. Leonardo tells Cayetana that they should not deny themselves happiness, and he proposes to her.

Tuesday, 5 July, Leonardo continues to pursue Cayetana, telling her what she wants to hear. Isadora on the other hand, is seducing Arturo, she swears her love to him.

Wednesday, 6 July, Cayetana informs her daughters that their grandfather is ill. Pablo reveals to Veronica that he is willing to do whatever it takes to get her back.

Thursday, 7 July, Leonardo orders Valverde to disappear from Cayetana’s life, or he will pay with his life. The doctor informs Cayetana that her father is brain dead.

Friday, 8 July, Arturo reaches out to his son, but Cayetana finds out. Flavio tells Irina he will never give her a divorce and he assures her he loves more than ever.

Monday, 11 July, Soledad goes to the hospital to say farewell to her grandfather, Cayetana and the other girls do the same, they say goodbye to Don Felipe.

Tuesday, 12 July, Leonardo is threatening the Gallardos after they put up a new fence. Meanwhile, Andrea is having a discussion with Samuel and falls from her horse.

Wednesday, 13 July, Pablo talks to Rocio and tells her he is in love with Veronica. Meanwhile, Sofia lets her sister know that she is still in love with Arturo.

Thursday, 14 July, Sofia finds Leonardo too close to her son and becomes hysterical with rage. Andrea asks Rita to erase the pictures she took of her with Samuel.

Friday, 15 July, Arturo tells Sofia that he wants her in his life. Cayetana confronts Sofia because she is seeing Arturo behind their back.

Monday, 18 July, Andrea insults Samuel in front of everyone. Miranda recommends Rocio to lie to Pablo and then offers them money to run away together.

Tuesday, 19 July, Cayetana orders Sofia not to go back with Arturo. Isadora reveals to Sofia that she would die for Arturo. Emilio stops Isadora from killing Sofia.

Wednesday, 20 July, Leonardo forbids Arturo to enter the Del Junco Ranch, before a fight breaks out. Sofia tells Arturo that she wants to spend all her nights with him.

Thursday, 21 July, Leonardo enters Cayetana’s room and tells her that all he wants is to make her very happy. As Irina enters Cayetana’s room, Leonardo hides from her.

Friday, 22 July, Arturito’s christening ceremony takes place, Andrea and Samuel are the godparents. Roger tries to find Patricia and realises she has escaped.

Monday, 25 July, Cayetana assures everyone that she will do whatever it takes to remove Arturo from her daughter’s life. Meanwhile, Valverde confronts Isadora.

Tuesday, 26 July, Cayetana proposes a plan to Isadora, hoping to separate Arturo and Sofia once and for all. Flavio admits to Irina that he is crazy about her.

Wednesday, 27 July, Andrea manages to rescue Samuel from his captors, who in turn, ties the kidnappers. Sofia wakes up beside Arturo, he offers to confront Cayetana.

Thursday, 28 July, Samuel and Arturo find Flavio and Dario in an uncomfortable situation. Andrea confesses to Irina that the man of her dreams will be a secret.

Friday, 29 July, Sofia demands an explanation from Arturo. Meanwhile, Leonardo resorts to violence, pushing one of the ranch workers and then Andrea.

Under The Same Sky Comes To A Conclusion In July 2016 - Telemundo Africa

Under The Same Sky
Premieres weekdays at 5.10pm. Catch-up Sundays at 12.10pm

Friday, 1 July, Erik makes a proposition to Adela, as she bargains for her life. Meanwhile, Carlos opens up the crucial DNA test results - but is it good news?

Monday, 4 July, Felicia reveals a shocking truth to Carlos. Meanwhile, Greicy pays a visit to Sharon and reveals all of Felicia’s incredible secrets.

Tuesday, 5 July, Carlos implores Felicia to come to her senses. Adela reveals her intentions to Carlos, with an emotional ending.

Wednesday, 6 July, Felicia tries to manipulate Colmillo, with the promises of a family. Meanwhile, Rodrigo and Greicy come clean with each other.

Thursday, 7 July, Adela and Erik are planning their trip to Chicago, but Colmillo finds out, leading to an airport confrontation. Santiago gets his hopes up with Juana.

Friday, 8 July, There’s a shootout at the airport as the police arrive on the scene. Colmillo and Jay make their escape, as news reaches Paulina and Jacobo.

Monday, 11 July, Juana battles depression as the police try to track down Rodrigo. Meanwhile, Carlos accompanies Luis to his high school graduation.

Tuesday, 12 July, Rodrigo tries to assure Adela he had nothing to do with Erik’s death, before revealing another shocking secret. Maria and Jacob get together.

Wednesday, 13 July, The Martinez family are going all out to stop Colmillo. Greicy has a heart-to-heart with Adela, and Carlos helps Rodrigo.

Thursday, 14 July, Maria reveals to Carlos how she fell in love with Jacob. Meanwhile, Colmillo meets with Suarez as they plan how to trap Adela.

Friday, 15 July, Suarez tries to trap Carlos and Adela. Meanwhile, Rudolfo finds himself in a fight with Jacob. Santiago hopes to win the heart of Juanita.

Monday, 18 July, Santiago gives Juanita an incredible surprise. Rudolfo humiliates Maria in front of their children, and Carlos comforts Adela.

Tuesday, 19 July, Carlos has organised a plan with Luis to rescue Anita. Paulina and Adela have made some discoveries about Suarez. And Nick has some news for Sharon.

Wednesday, 20 July, Luis informs Rodrigo that their father has disappeared. Sharon reveals her emotions to Nick. Meanwhile, Rudolfo is severely depressed.

Thursday, 21 July, Colmillo and his men are after Rodrigo and Greicy, but they already have Carlos. Colmillo sends a warning to Adela with a violent video tape.

Friday, 22 July, Carlos begs Felicia to let him go, telling her that Colmillo doesn’t love Anita. Rudolfo seeks forgiveness and Felicia makes an escape.

Monday, 25 July, Carlos is worried about Rodrigo, while Cristobal searches for Felicia. Rodrigo’s trial begins, with his fate now in the hands of the law.

Tuesday, 26 July, Adela finds Felicia on the streets, and tells Christobal. Rodrigo begs forgiveness from his family and friends. Then, it’s time for a special wedding.

Wednesday, 27 July, Carlos begs Felicia to let him go, telling her that Colmillo doesn’t love Anita.
Rudolfo seeks forgiveness and Felicia makes an escape.

Thursday, 28 July, Carlos is worried about Rodrigo, while Cristobal searches for Felicia. Rodrigo’s trial begins, with his fate now in the hands of the law.

Friday, 29 July, Adela finds Felicia on the streets, and tells Christobal. Rodrigo begs forgiveness from his family and friends. Then, it’s time for a special wedding.

If Only I Were You July 2016 Teasers - Telemundo Africa

If Only I Were You
Premieres weekdays at 4.20pm. Catch-up Saturdays at 12.10pm

Friday, 1 July, Ines asks Yesenia to stop working because she seems really tired. Paloma and Leonardo go to see the house Paloma is buying for her and Cachito.

Monday, 4 July, Justino realises that Tania has someone she likes. The police arrive to arrest Humberto, while Leonardo announces his and Fernanda’s wedding.

Tuesday, 5 July, Ignacio hits Elmer and asks him to tell him how he murdered Armando. Jonathan tells his mother that he is in love with a woman.

Wednesday, 6 July, Basilio shows Pedro a solution to pay the doctor who will do surgery on Santiago. Yesenia arrives at the store where Elmer has cornered Ines.

Thursday, 7 July, Elmer tells Pedro that before he lost his memory, he was a thief. Humberto tries to understand Leonardo’s change and reason with him.

Friday, 8 July, Leonardo begins to recall some early memories. Nora tells Connie about her encounter with Humberto, and Leonardo asks Fernanda if she’ll let him stay.

Monday, 11 July, Justino begins asking Tania if there’s anybody in her love life. Renata finds a psychiatrist because she is intrigued about Pedro’s memories.

Tuesday, 12 July, Humberto was almost attacked by Elmer but Leonardo arrives to stop it. Ivonne tells Humberto that there could be a chance Santiago is responsible.

Wednesday, 13 July, Elmer tells attorney Martin that if he calls the police he will tell them about his children trafficking business. Meanwhile, Justino betrays Tania.

Thursday, 14 July, Paloma receives the approval from the bank for the loan to buy a house. Nora is upset when she hears the news about attorney Martin’s death.

Friday, 15 July, Humberto tells his son that despite his mistakes, he and his mother were always the most important things in his life. Fabiola visits her daughter.

Monday, 18 July, Elmer asks Ignacio about everything he knows about Leonardo. Fernanda is talking to Daniela about giving her brother the news about the surgery.

Tuesday, 19 July, Pedro asks Elmer who attacked them and why they attacked him. Paloma tells her son, while he is asleep, that they’re not going to be alone.

Wednesday, 20 July, Connie invites Eugenio and Tania to the inauguration of her house. Eugenio receives a call telling him that something happened to Justino.

Thursday, 21 July, Fabiola gives Ignacio his support to get anything they want no matter how. Sara tells Ines that she doesn’t deserve the love she gives her.

Friday, 22 July, Fernanda asks Leonardo for some time, saying that they will get married later. Daniela tells Renata she likes Pedro, but there are complications.

Monday, 25 July, Jonathan talks to Ines about their marriage. Paloma shows up saying her new home purchase is confirmed, and she will have an inauguration party.

Tuesday, 26 July, Lupe berates Yesenia for breaking up with Ruben. Fernanda reveals to Daniela that she is in love with Leonardo. Later, there is an explosion.

Wednesday, 27 July, Ines tells Sara that Jonathan is ok, but is in intensive care. When Ines sees him in bed, she remembers when he confessed his feelings to her.

Thursday, 28 July, Termi and Pedro decide not to close the cheese store. Melquiades is at Elmer’s house to speak about the investigation on Jonathan’s house fire.

Friday, 29 July, Paloma agrees to marry Pedro. But Paloma tells Pedro to wait a few weeks before they give out the news of their wedding to their friends and family.