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Friday, 14 October 2016

Indio And Empanada Are Out Of Jail, Aracley Helps Plot Felipe's Downfall While The DEA Are On Sara's Case In Women Of Steel - November 2016 Teasers

Never Underestimate Her
Premieres weekdays at 8.30pm. Catch-up Saturdays & Sundays from 8.30pm

Tuesday, 1 November, Indio coerces Felipe into having Sara transferred to the Guadalajara penitentiary. Miriam and Joaquin hire someone to help them cross the border.

Wednesday, 2 November, The DEA plots to capture Indio, who hires a hitman to get rid of Eliodoro. Miriam and Joaquin cross the border, hiding in the back of a truck.

Thursday, 3 November, Eliodoro tells Salvador the truth - but only part of it - about Sara. Miriam finally meets Pepito. Indio ofers a reward for turning Quintanilla in.

Friday, 4 November, Sara asks Eliodoro to send the bone found on the prison sewer for analysis. Eliodoro has to tell Sara that Quintanilla is no longer protecting them.

Monday, 7 November, Eliodoro forces an incriminating confession from Cortes. Quintanilla tells Sara that she and Eliodoro are alone, and can no longer count on him.

Tuesday, 8 November, Sara and Edith corner Crucecita and force her to confess to Enriqueta’s murder. Indio gets Empanada out of jail because he needs him for a job.

Wednesday, 9 November, Indio plans for Empanada to kill Eliodoro and frame Sara for the murder. Eliodoro convinces Sara to call Quintanilla and ask him for another chance.

Thursday, 10 November, Sara learns that the beauty shop has been seized by the DEA. Don Teca makes Sara an offer. Empanada and Eliodoro have a fatal confrontation.

Friday, 11 November, Indio Amaro sends Sara a grim message. Sara swears that she will make Indio pay for what he did. Marcelo plants a microphone in the beauty shop.

Monday, 14 November, The DEA and the police arrive at Sara’s house to arrest her, but she manages to escape. Edith tells Marcelo she doesn´t believe Sara killed Eliodoro.

Tuesday, 15 November, Don Teca is furious to learn that Sara has got away. Edith starts working at the beauty shop as an undercover agent in order to learn where Sara is.

Wednesday, 16 November, Sara and her family escape from Indio’s men. Sara asks Don Teca for help - but he demands something in return. News of Indio’s death appears on TV.

Thursday, 17 November, Sara is attacked, but a hotel employee comes to her rescue. Indio tells Felipe he will remove his financial support for the Governor’s campaign.

Friday, 18 November, Sara ofers Montero a deal, and he tells her she must stay with him in Colombia to earn his trust and ensure that she will pay him back his money.

Monday, 21 November, Sara confesses to her friends that Salvador’s death was faked to save his life. Indio tells Don Teca that Tamara is an undercover agent for the DEA.

Tuesday, 22 November, Felipe tells Sara that Indio kidnapped his son, and that is why he needs three million dollars. Manuel comes to the beauty shop looking for Sara.

Wednesday, 23 November, Indio calls Sara and tells her he knows Salvador is alive. Quintanilla wants Sara to work with him again, but she says she is loyal to Don Teca now.

Thursday, 24 November, Sara asks Manuel to spy on the DEA, and ofers Quintanilla a deal to seal their truce. Aracely wants Sara to let her help plot Felipe’s downfall.

Friday, 25 November, Sara offers to help make sure that Felipe doesn’t win the election. Araceli seduces Felipe. Indio Amaro finally finds Salvador, who recognises him.

Monday, 28 November, Indio Amaro threatens Salvador. Sara takes the video of Felipe to Alvaro Barba in order to win the election and ruin Felipe’s political career.

Tuesday, 29 November, Quintanilla gives Sara proof of his loyalty. Manuel finds out that Indio Amaro killed Carlota. Sara confesses to Manuel that she loves him.

Wednesday, 30 November, Sara asks Quintanilla to get rid of Felipe. Cornelia tells Don Teca that Sara is the one who is stealing from him. The DEA prepares to trap Sara.

Friday, 26 August 2016

The Brand New Telenovela Woman Of Steel Continues - October 2016 Teasers

Never Underestimate Her
Premieres weekdays at 8.30pm. Catch-up Saturdays & Sundays from 8.30pm

Monday, 3 October, Gloria calls Aracely to ask for help. Miriam hears Juan and Enriqueta talking and finds out that they are plotting against Sara and Eliodoro.

Tuesday, 4 October, Arnulfo and Juan organise Pepit’s kidnapping, but Rufino foils the attempt. Eliodoro is willing to pay whatever is necessary to save Salvador’s life.

Wednesday, 5 October, Carlota is informed that she is a compatible kidney donor for Salvador. Vanessa tells Eliodoro that she should not be blamed for Angel’s death.

Thursday, 6 October, Indio Amaro pays Cortes a bribe. Rufino tells Eliodoro about the shipments arriving from Colombia, but warns him that it may be a setup by Cortes.

Friday, 7 October, Eliodoro tries negotiating with Quintanilla to sell the drugs. Carlota tells Bertha and Josefina that she wants to be a kidney donor for Salvador.

Monday, 10 October, Eliodoro tells Sara who the drugs were stolen from. Arnulfo has a DNA test done on a piece of gum he got from Pepito to find out if he is his son.

Tuesday, 11 October, Sara tries to sell the drugs to get money for Salvador, and Quintanilla strikes a hard bargain. Miriam tells Rufino that Arnulfo is Pepito´s father.

Wednesday, 12 October, After confronting Lalo and Shayo at the airport, Sara goes to Los Angeles for Salvador’s transplant, knowing she must face Quintanilla afterwards.

Thursday, 13 October, Quintanilla intends to use Sara to smuggle money across the border into the USA. Indio Amaro tells Sara they are planning an attack against Eliodoro.

Friday, 14 October, Sara is arrested before she can smuggle the money across the border. Tuerca and his men follow the truck in which Sara is being taken to prison.

Monday, 17 October, Sara is rescued - and it turns out that her arrest was rigged by Quintanilla as a test. Roberto tells Eliodoro the truth about Angel’s death.

Tuesday, 18 October, Eliodoro tells Sara that Vanesa poisoned his first son, and now she is doing the same thing with Patricia. Quintanilla offers Sara a deal.

Wednesday, 19 October, Sara asks Quintanilla to get rid of Indio Amaro because he wants to kill Eliodoro and Salvador. Empanada pays an inmate to dispose of Enriqueta.

Thursday, 20 October, Quintanilla tells Sara that Indio Amaro did not arrange for her to be killed. Indio Amaro finds Tiburon’s body with a note from Quintanilla.

Friday, 21 October, Indio Amaro buries Tiburon, and confesses to his men that Tiburon was his only son. After getting the whole truth from Juan, Eliodoro disposes of him.

Monday, 24 October, Doctor Fernandez tells Sara that Salvador has died. Eliodoro is attacked in jail. Indio Amaro sends Empanada to make sure Salvador is really dead.

Tuesday, 25 October, Rufino tells Miriam that Juan was murdered in jail. Plutarco takes Aracely to a restaurant. Her ex-boyfriend Martin shows up and causes trouble.

Wednesday, 26 October, Sara feels guilty about leaving her son behind, and is forced to confess to Aracely that Salvador is alive. Quintanilla is pleased with Sara’s work.

Thursday, 27 October, Indio is furious to learn that Sara and Eliodoro were able to cross the border with Quintanilla’s merchandise. Tuercas betrays Quintanilla and Sara.

Friday, 28 October, Sara comes home to tell Salvador she will live with him forever, but she is arrested at the border. Rosalinda tells Felipe she is expecting his baby.

Monday, 31 October, Salvador learns that Sara has been arrested and sentenced to 15 years. Felipe arrives at the penitentiary and asks Sara to turn Quintanilla in.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Woman Of Steel Premieres From 5 September 2016 At 20:30 On Telemundo Africa, Catch Up Weekends At 20:30 - Teasers

Premieres weekdays at 8.30pm from Monday 5 September. Catch-up Saturdays & Sundays from 8.30pm

Monday, 5 September, Sara’s wedding is blighted by violence and tragedy when hit men strike, kidnapping Sara, leaving her father dead and trying to kill her husband. Why?

Tuesday, 6 September, Sara learns that Vicente was involved with drug lords. Felipe demands that Sara tell him what happened to all the money Vicente stole from the cartel.

Wednesday, 7 September, Sara insists that Vicente didn’t leave her any money, but Junio tells her that her husband really did steal the cash. Sara is attacked by Indio’s men.

Thursday, 8 September, Indio Amaro kidnaps Salvador in order to force Sara to give him the money. The doctor says Junio is seriously ill and has only two months to live.

Friday, 9 September, Sara manages to escape by using the Guadalupe Virgin parade as cover, but Capi finds her again and follows her. Indio threatens Junio at the hospital.

Monday, 12 September, Julio finds out about Mariana´s meeting with Indio Amaro. Confronting Mariana, he discovers that she is the person responsible for Vicente’s death.

Tuesday, 13 September, Sara learns that her son is diabetic and requires expensive medical treatment. Junio threatens Mariana and demands money in exchange for his silence.

Wednesday, 14 September, Mariana sets a trap for Junio. Aracely warns Sara that Eliodoro might be a cop. Sara visits Salvador and he tells her where the money is hidden.

Thursday, 15 September, Junio takes Mariana to a warehouse and keeps her there while he decides what to do. Josefina learns from Carlota that Sara is heading for Tijuana.

Friday, 16 September, Sara locates the three million dollars. Felipe orders Esteban to kill Sara and keep the money. Indio Amaro disposes of Esteban and sets Sara up.

Monday, 19 September, Indio Amaro has Sara watched in Guadalajara. Mariana tells him where Junio can be found, while Junio comes up with a plan to get money from Felipe.

Tuesday, 20 September, Indio refuses when Mariana asks him for help. Felipe tells him that Sara killed Esteban so she could keep the three million dollars for herself.

Wednesday, 21 September, Eliodoro tells Sara he believes she is innocent, but says he cannot help her unless she gives him information. Bertha, meanwhile, gets some grim news.

Thursday, 22 September, The lawyer tells Junio there is nothing they can do for Sara because Bertha accused her of murder. Eliodoro learns that Junio is Vicente’s brother.

Friday, 23 September, Felipe and Mariana follow Sara in order to find out where she lives. Mariana attempts to kill Sara but Junio saves her - at the cost of his own life.

Monday, 26 September, Salvador is rushed to the emergency room at the hospital. Eliodoro tells Sara that he knows how to get the money needed to save Salvador’s life.

Tuesday, 27 September, Eliodoro realises that Commander Cortes has his own secret agenda. Sara, Aracely and Miriam learn that Lupita is pregnant - and her life is at risk.

Wednesday, 28 September, Sara discovers that Lupita did not survive the surgery. Empanada tells Sara that Enriqueta will seek revenge - and her target will be Salvador.

Thursday, 29 September, Sara is reunited with Salvador, and Enriqueta is jailed. Eliodoro gives Sara the money he took for Salvador’s surgery, claiming that it’s a bank loan.

Friday, 30 September, Cortes arrests Eliodoro and calls in Internal A airs. From a conversation between Bertha and Felipe, Carlota learns that Sara didn’t shoot Bertha.